Unrelated items of a Monday

I have had one of my bad headaches since Saturday night. It’s keeping me up at night and is generally very annoying. It’s not really a migraine I don’t think, at least not the kind I used to get pre-surgery. My migraine meds aren’t touching the pain; ice packs are helping, and at least I can see.

Today is very exciting, we’re all waiting by our phones for more texts and hopefully pictures from my brother. His wife, my sister in law (I’d link but I think her instagram is private), is in the hospital today and we hope to have news of their baby boy being born soon!


Can you even stand how cute she is?

Speaking of instagram, I’m back on there now that I have a nicer (to me) phone. I locked it down so it wouldn’t feel so overwhelming, and I might delete it, but you can add me if you want.

While I lie around in bed moaning about my head, I’m obsessing over lap swimming. I think I’ve talked about this before? Maybe? I was on the swim team in high school (backstroke FTW) and it remains the only exercise I really love (though I really like Yoga too), and I was stunned when we moved here over 9 years ago to discover the local high school did not have a pool. I had no idea that was even possible. I’m not kidding when I say we would not have made an offer on the house had I known that.

Swim team circa 1992, I think?  Me front and center (duh, right?)

Swim team circa 1992, I think? Me front and center (duh, right?)

The nearest pool is in town, an hour round trip away. I’ve never been able to justify the gas or the costly gym membership (with flipping contract!) But this rental, if I take a back way into town, puts me a handful of minutes closer, which isn’t much of a commute / gas savings, but it’s enough to have me mulling it over in my head. Plus the gym offers reduced cost pool-only memberships in the summer. I’m obsessively refreshing their site waiting for the announcement, because I think I’m gonna do it.

J. is interested in joining the community swim team, which would help motivate me to make the drive on a regular basis. I know I’d love it if I could make myself take the initial leap, and I have swim-clearance from my doctor. What do you think? Do you like swimming? Or are you like one of my swim team mates who quit because she hated getting wet? (So funny to us at the time, why would you join swim club in the first place if you had that particular hatred?)


  1. Jen says

    Oh man. I love love swimming too and we were in the same boat in the last place we lived although I guess it was a little bit less of a commute. We recently moved and had to find a place based on pool proximity. I am currently swimming on a Masters team and couldn’t be happier…although waking up at 5:15am isn’t my favorite thing ever. Power to the swimmers! Keep with it! Hope you can make it would for you!

    • says

      I wonder if I could get back up to the level required for a master’s team. It might be fun. I hate mornings, but I think it’s the best time to swim.

      Thank you, we tried the pool at the gym today and I’m totally in love. Doing it.

  2. Liz A. says

    Dried yeast flavoring can trigger migraine- also I am sort of sensitive to wifi— this is me- I hope you find relief soon—- best wishes always,

    • says

      I don’t think we have any of that around, but that’s good to know! I wonder if it could be our new wifi signal, it’s totally different than what we had before.

      My headache finally got better last night around 3am. I feel better today though a little wrung out. Swimming helped! I tried out the gym pool and looooved it!

  3. says

    I don’t like swimming much. I didn’t learn till I was an adult, so that didn’t help. I vowed to teach my boys young, and I did. They were all in the water at a few months old and they all swim well. I bring them to our local pool at least once a week, but I watch from the pool’s edge.
    Your sister in law is a stunner!!

    • says

      Isn’t she lovely?

      I was astounded when we moved here and found that swimming lessons were not the norm. My little niece didn’t learn to swim until she was 10! I started ’em young. I feel so much better at the lake knowing they can swim.

  4. MIchelle says

    I wish I knew how to swim-swim. Like, in a lap pattern without getting in someone else’s way. If you know how, I’d go for it. I bet the payback in health, energy, and sanity is worth any amount of travel or gas $. (Plus, if you are underwater, no one can talk to you, right? That sounds awesome…)

    • says

      You can totally learn! The freestyle is very easy and most recommend starting with that, but I love the backstroke too. I feel like it’s less intimidating since your head is up and you can breathe the whole time. The only tricky part is timing the turn at the end so you don’t slam into the wall, but most pools have flags up so you can tell when you need to turn over.

      Anyway, yes! I’m in agreement, especially after today – we tried the gym pool and I’m so thrilled. And it really is a peaceful workout, you’re right! No one can talk to you and even if you’re lane sharing, the other swimmers are pretty mute as well.

  5. Jennifer says

    Nope, wet wasn’t the issue, getting up at 5:30 was. I just couldn’t hack it. I swam from 3rd grade through 10th, but mid sophomore year I caved to sleep.

    • says

      Okay so, I hate mornings. Hate, hate, hate them. And I can credit my mother for helping me get up and into the car probably 90% of the time. I had this double alarm clock that was supposed to help, and sometimes I’d wake up and find it on the floor blaring away, or once I shoved it outside my bedroom door in my sleep and didn’t realize until later. My mom would come downstairs and ask if I just wanted to quit. I didn’t! So that usually motivated me to get up and at ’em.

      It got me out of piano lessons too. I fell asleep at the bench one day and my piano teacher threw up her hands and said I had to choose between swimming and music. Duh. Swimming. (Though I do wish I could play piano today!)

  6. says

    I used to love swimming. I hate smelling like chlorine now; it’s a bored earlobe phobia.

    Your sister in law doesn’t even look real!!! She’s gorgeous and I love that outfit.

    • says

      The gym pool has a salt water system which is really nice. I think it still uses chlorine though, but the smell is much different. What is a ‘bored earlobe phobia?’

      Ha ha! That is the best description of her ever, especially since up until recently she worked at Disney making little girls’ dreams come true in costume.

      • says

        BORED EARLOBE PHOBIA! Hahahaha!

        Auto-correct strikes again.

        It should say “borderline phobia.”


  7. Laura says

    Yay! I’m also a former swimmer (butterfly and distance) and miss it. (But not enough to join a masters team and get up at 5:15.) I’ve always marveled at how far you and the kids have to travel to get to swim camp and admired your commitment to it. How great if you got to do it regularly!

    • says

      Oooh, butterfly. I can do about 3 perfect butterfly strokes before I drown and someone has to rescue me. So I’m impressed.

      I love that I could lap swim any time of the day in my old age rather than doing the early morning thing. When we vacated the pool around 3pm this afternoon it was empty! Crowded when we got there just before 2. I’ll have to remember 3 is a good time.

      I hope we can work it all out, I loved our trial swim today!

  8. says

    First of all, your sis-in-law is gorgeous! She should be one of those pregnancy models!

    As to swimming, I’m not a strong swimmer but I say go for it if you have the money and motivation. It will be so good for your mental and physical health.

    Love all those ’90s hair styles in that photo – you had awesome bangs! And your oldest looks just like you – same smile!

    • says

      Thanks! I remember thinking during the 90s that our future children wouldn’t ever go to 90s parties like we went to hippie parties or 80s parties. We were so normal, I thought! HA. Pegged jeans and some interesting hair choices for sure. :o)

  9. Theresa says

    My boys love the Aquatic Center swim teams in Idaho Falls. My five year old is even on the mini surfers and loves it!

    • says

      We tried to check that one out today but they were closed! In the middle of the afternoon! Do they have weird hours or something?

      • Theresa says

        They do have funky hours, I think. You can check it out online, but you have to click on swim lessons to take you to the site for registering for swim team. A session starts next Monday and another in the summer.

  10. says

    You should totally join! I wish I liked swimming more. I did a triathlon in the fall and was like “eehhh” on the swimming. Actually, none of the legs of the triathlon agreed with me much. Huh.

    • says

      There were a bunch of triathlon trainers in the locker room after my swim this afternoon (trial pass, woot) and it was fun to listen to them talk. I don’t think any of them loved the swim part.

      Ha ha, I think I’d feel the same way about a triathlon, but awesome that you did one! That’s an accomplishment for sure.

  11. shannon says

    I take a class and sometimes swim laps or do slow exaggerated water walking. It has been a fantastic way of keeping my body limber.

    • says

      I think my favorite part of it is how cool-feeling you stay in the water. I get hot and miserable trying to do regular stuff like stair stepping or treadmilling, I just hate it. In the water I feel so much lighter and even if I’m working hard and flushed and breathing hard, I don’t feel anywhere near as miserable as I do on the treadmill.

  12. says

    I’m soooooo glad you pointed out where you were in the photo as I would have NEVER been able to figure that one out. :)

    Swimming is loverly. I’ve never been on a swim team, and I probably look a bit of a mess when I do it, but most of my childhood summers were spent underwater, and everyone is graceful underwater, yes?

    • shannon says

      I am like one of those fantasia hippos, and I just don’t care. :)

  13. says

    Fun about the swimming!
    Headache – got frankincense? A friend of mine uses it for her migraines (that have landed her in the hospital for years, docs can’t help, the scary meds don’t help, but frank takes the edge and length off). A few drops on the roof of her mouth, and rubbed on her neck along the spine/vertebrae.

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