Growing out the gray at 37

I got my first gray hair in high school. It was somewhere in the back, because I don’t remember seeing it, but I remember beauticians gasping when they found it as they were giving me a trim. I was scrolling through photos trying to figure out when I ended up with so much gray, and I think we can safely blame it on my last and most difficult pregnancy, and the health problems that followed B’s birth (it’s okay, B, I really don’t mind).

This post has a lot of silly pictures of me, and that always feels weird, so I’m going to hide it beneath the fold. Click to read more…

Here’s my natural hair color in 2007, Miss K was 2, turning 3. Look ma, no grays. Or at least, no noticeable ones; they’re all hiding at my temples, mostly.

bob with bangs

Before I got pregnant with B, I somewhat rashly hacked all the hair off my head in 2008. I had always been curious about a pixie cut, and now I know. I hate it on me. Still, it shows how much gray I had before I had little B. It’s scattered throughout, with some more concentrated at the temples, but there isn’t a ton.


Well, I got pregnant soon after, and hey, being sick in bed for 9 months straight is a great way to grow out a horrible haircut. Most of my neighbors don’t even remember that I had such short hair. WIN! Here’s a photo I took when B was just a month old in 2009. Woah. I’d say the gray doubled. I was pretty ill (anemia, hemorrhage etc), so uh, forgive that lovely barrette, it was probably a miracle I was out of bed.


By 2010 I was talked into a semi-permanent hair rinse that would gradually fade out, so I could just “see” what coloring would be like. I was pretty happy because I could finally fit my hair in a ponytail. I was also finally finished with my 10 month bout with giant urticaria and angioedema. Huzzah! So cheerful and brunette-looking.


However! There was nothing ‘semi’ about that rinse. When it started to grow out, I had a sharp line between the dye and the grays. I was stuck. I liked my colorist and she did a good job, it just cost an arm and a leg. In 2012, I decided I’d had enough of the tedious maintenance and expense. I thought braiding into polygamist styles would help disguise the gray to dye transition. It didn’t help.


When I posted the above photo, my aunt had a conniption fit. Okay not really, but she insisted I should try the DIY box dye if the frillion dollars at the salon every handful of weeks was too much. “Just shampoo it in!” Aunt Dawnie mimed scrubbing the dye in to her hair. “It’s so easy!” Okay fine. (Spoiler, it’s not that easy, I always ended up with dye all over my neck and ears and spattered all over the bathroom). It certainly was cheaper, though. And with coupons it felt like a steal sometimes. But then this started happening:


I ended up looking really patchy. Even if I consistently used the same box of dye, my hormones seemed to cause issues, and it wasn’t pretty. My friend Tracy’s sister tried to work her magic, but I still ended up with stripes. My thyroid was a mess, so I was losing hair like gangbusters as well. I’m sure the chemicals in the dye didn’t exactly help the situation.

After a while, I went back to the salon, and my colorist did a pretty good job of evening things up. My once-straight hair now has some weird bumps and curls in it, so she put on some kind of smoothing cream, trimmed me up and this is what it looked like when I just let it dry (excuse my husband’s tee-shirt) (photo taken in May of this year):


I usually wore it curled though, here’s an old instagram from before I deleted my account (sorry if you followed me there, I always forgot it existed. I think instagram is only fun for people with fancy phones).


It had kind of a burgundy glow though, which really bugged me. As someone who really liked her natural hair color, I felt like I looked radioactive in the sun.

Soooo, I decided to do something fairly stupid. I read on the interwebs that I could strip out / fade hair color by mixing up dandruff shampoo and baking soda. I figured it was long enough I could sacrifice some inches if I fried my hair.


My husband swears everything blended better, but I can still see a lot of that unnatural purplish reddish color. And it definitely fried my hair. Witness:


Yikes. It felt as bad as it looked, like straw. And when I washed it, it felt like wet rope. I didn’t have any split ends before, but they erupted everywhere after this, so I popped in to get a trim from a local woman instead of my normal gal one city over. I don’t have a photo of it because I’m still weeping. She really hacked the crap out of the ends and it’s really choppy and awful.

Incredibly, and because I don’t learn, I’m still tempted to do this:

Color Oops

Kat picked two boxes up for me at Walgreens, but I’m nervous. My dye is pretty old and it’s just now recovering from my baking soda mixture. Youtube also tells me that this stuff leaves your hair smelling like rotten eggs for days.

Well, stripping or not, I think I’m in it to win it this time. I know I look a little younger with it dyed, and when it’s a good dye job, it’s pretty, but I just can’t stand the maintenance, the expense, and the crappy results when I try to do it more cheaply.

I’ve been pinning gray hair inspiration on my hair board at Pinterest, though most are way more gray than I am. The other night at my grandpa’s birthday party, my grandma’s good friend said, “Oh, don’t ever dye your hair, Jessie, it’s going to be a beautiful silver.” I explained that I was growing it out and she said all the right things. She was probably just being nice, but I am heartened somewhat. I won’t lie, this (giant) skunk stripe stage is HARD. Pixie cutting it again is NOT an option. I told my sisters I might dare to try the Color Oops stuff, and then bob my hair and let it all grow out at once; my ends are so dark from all the dye. But they thought that would be a shame as its so long, and though people tell me a bob is MY haircut, I really like it longer.

Well, after all of that I suppose you deserve a photo of what it looks like today. Here you go. Note, this collage might self destruct at some point.


There you go. What say ye? Color for life? Or embrace the future of an early silver fox?


  1. says

    I’m having the same dilemma, though I only started to go grey three years ago (at 27). Do I start dying it? I hate having my hair dyed, mostly for the same reasons as you — I hate the maintenance. And it’s just not financially viable.

    So, basically, I have no answers for you. Though I do like grey hair. It’s quite beautiful. See: Heather Sanders.

  2. says

    I say let it grow for a while without coloring it, and see what it looks like! Keep getting the ends trimmed every couple months, and that will get rid of the damaged, darker ends and really make a difference in the overall look of your hair and how you feel about it. (It’s something us folks with long hair often forget: we need regular trims, too…said the woman who hasn’t had a haircut since February. Um.)

    I actually stopped coloring my hair a while back, too. I never full-out colored it; I just got highlights because why not? And then one day a year or two ago, a stylist made some comment about “covering up the gray” while highlighting my hair. I was taken aback, because I hadn’t been aware that I had that much gray hair to speak of. I guess the highlights were covering it up? So I stopped highlighting my hair because (1) I want to see what it looks like naturally, and (2) gray hair is like natural highlights! Kinda? ;-)

    • says

      I’m really curious as to what mine looks like. It feels like it went significantly more gray so quickly! But I guess 2007 really was a long time ago, wasn’t it? :o)

      I trim like crazy. I can’t stand split ends! If I see one, off I go to the salon.

  3. Elda says

    Remember when Heather (OMSH) was
    Trying to grow he hair out and would get it chopped again cause of the gray and we the Internet cheered her on and rallied behind the long hair goal… Yeah, me too.

    Anyway, her hair is gorgeous and I love that she’s kept it natural. I’m sure yours will grow in nicely as well, just remember to give it a good trim ever 2-3 months. Maybe putting in some Ash highlights will help you transition better into natural silver hair?

    • says

      Yes! I knew it would be fabulous, and it is!

      I’ve thought about highlights but I’m afraid it’ll just look tiger stripy, highlights are so hard to do well on dark hair. I have contemplated getting some stuff and painstakingly painting strand by strand myself. I just need a whole Saturday to myself and bribe a couple friends to help!

  4. says

    You have such beautiful hair – and I have to agree that the bob in the top picture really suits your face; but if you like it long, hey, it’s your hair. Do what feels good.

    I use a box dye and probably do a terrible job, but I’ve never shelled out for a professional colouring, so at least I don’t have to know what I’m missing on that front. I am too chicken to go gray gracefully as I probably should; not yet, at least. I saw the beautiful grays you were posting on Pinterest the other night and admired them all. You will rock it, because you are always gorgeous.

    • says

      Yes, I had a very flamboyant hair stylist back east threaten to make me sign a contract that said I’d always keep it in a bob. I have a long face and a bob works really well with it, but ugh, I got so sick of it after a decade and a half. That said, I’m really digging this one though I’d keep it a bit longer and mine has to be longer in the front or I end up looking like Ramona Quimby.

      Anyway, my neighbor rocks the box dye, I don’t know how hers always looks so uniform. Mine got so stripey and patchy! Ugh!

      • says

        see- you say “stripey and patchy” and i see that super-cool ombre hair trend. jennifer aniston pays big bucks to look like she’s growing her highlights out.

        i’m curious- do you CARE if you look a little younger? if you do, then the expense (once every few months) might feel worth it. if i highlight my hair, i look much more awake and “bright” (i don’t know how else to say it), which pays dividends over the few months until i get back in to do it again. so it feels worth it to me.

        • says

          Ha! Well, don’t tell my sister or half my cousins, but I don’t like the ombre trend for that very reason.

          No, definitely not. I spent all of my 20s and the first half of my 30s trying to convince people I was old enough to be married and have children. So it’s kind of nice now when people just accept that I’m as old as I am. That said, I’ve never had this much gray, and I’ve never had it all grown out so I can see it, so I’m not saying I wouldn’t get tired of getting asked if I’m the grandma, but I’m super curious about it, and I hope I love it because I just hate the maintenance of dyeing.

  5. Sarah says

    My vote is leave it natural, it is beautiful. I have always wished for silver hair, alas genetics, my parents are 73 & 78 and just starting to get some silver hairs.

    • says

      I’m definitely curious, I’d love to see how it looks all grown out!

      That’s amazing! Both my parents are in their late 50s and they are easily 60% gray or more. I guess I got a double whammy :o)

      • Grandma Debbie says

        I was shocked to read that I am in my “late” 50s, but it’s totally true! Arghhh. Your papa, dear, is
        60. Yes, 60. xo

  6. Emily says

    I agree with everyone telling you that you look super cute with a bob and side bangs. It might also be easier to keep it healthy despite the dying if it were short and the ends were younger, if you decide to keep coloring it. If I were in your shoes I’d probably cut it chin or collarbone length and let it go gray!

    • says

      The bangs are deceiving. With my cowlick they only look good for about five seconds. I LOVE side bangs and I think my forehead could use some coverage, but in reality they look terrible. Sigh.

      That pixie cut scarred me so deeply I haven’t dared to even go shoulder length, but I admit I’m kind of itching to cut… but mostly because of all the dark dye at the bottom. Hmmm.

  7. says

    my mom’s hair is nearly white. and she let it go finally and she gets mixed reviews. it’s pretty cool, but ultimately it makes her feel much older than she is. and i think that’s what matters – how do you feel looking gray? I myself go patchy box dye. ;)

    • says

      That’s a good question, I’d like to see how I felt with it all grown out. The in between stage is definitely ROUGH.

  8. My Little Otter says

    This is the reason why I won’t dye my hair. (My hair is dark like your’s. But you know that.)

    Every time I tell someone this (and the greys are a ‘comin,” I get a very patronizing “You’ll see.” I hate it.

    Personally, while I think your hair is gorgeous long, I’d cut it shoulder length (maybe with some cute layers) so that there isn’t sooooo much brown next to the grey. I think the longer your hair is, the more it really stands out.

    You’re awesome. Don’t give in to the color!!!

    • says

      That was me! I can’t believe I let myself get talked into that rinse. Of course if it had just faded like it was supposed to, I think it would have been a fun experiment. Once you actually dye you’re STUCK and it takes forever to grow it out, or you go the pixie cut route (which you totally rock).

      I agree. I’ll be sad to chop it, but if I could at least still get it in a pony tail, I think I’d be happier while it all grows out.

  9. Rhea says

    Don’t use that oops stuff. It’s for stripping color in preparation for REcoloring. It will NOT leave you with natural grey. AT ALL.

    That said, I LOVE your grey! I replied to you on twitter but it is from my incognito account. I’m 38 and growing mine out too. It’s a daily struggle. I have about 2-3″ inches and I’m thinking of pixie-ing it. My biggest motivation is the frustration I have going out with my 14 year old son. Looking young with a kid almost as tall as me (5’11”!) people think I was 15 when I had him! They treat me differently and usually like an idiot (I’m an MBA student, trust me this brain gets WORKED). Anyway, I’m totally ok with grey, in fact I convinced my mom to stop coloring as well. I’ve been doing it for five years and its exhausting, and soooo expensive. I’m not going to be able to keep up with this for another twenty years!

    I like the saying….if a woman is coloring her hair to look younger, she’s only fooling herself.

    • says

      I might have linked to the wrong one, but the one I have just strips out color and leaves your natural color behind… though they do say that it often will not strip it all the way to the gray. There’s another brand or variety that is for prep before dyeing, I don’t have that kind… but I’m still too nervous, and is there ever a good time to smell like rotten eggs for a week?

      If I looked cute in a pixie, I’d totally go that route. Painless. Do it if you like that cut! This grow out is killing me.

      I got that too, for years. But I don’t know, I haven’t been ‘how’s highschool-ed’ in a long time, I think the gray definitely helps and I got wrinkles after all those pregnancies and health problems. When I dye it I DO get the “did your mother drive you here?” routine. Good times.

      I always thought the box dye and even salon dyes looked so unnatural. My natural hair has a million colors in it, reds and dark chocolates, light browns, and even some gold. The dye makes it all one color and it’s so obviously colored I don’t see how it fools anyone.

  10. says

    You should rock the grays, girl. It’s funny that your aunt wigged out at that photo of you with grays because my first thought when I saw it was that you looked beautiful.

    I think no dye job is far better than a bad one. If you’re worried about growing it out, chop it a bit to eliminate the bad ends then let it grow again to the length you want. I love all of those pins you put up the other night and think you’d be perfect for that look. None of those women look “old” by the way. And you won’t either!

    • says

      My aunt is super nice, and ‘conniption’ is definitely an exaggeration. She mostly rolled her eyes and said, “there’s this other option, you know.” :o)

      The ends are really good right now (no split ends) but they are super dark. I really think I might go shoulder length…. it’s harder to let go of the length than it is to deal with the roots, honestly.

  11. says

    I say rock the grey or if you really don’t want to, try henna dye. I haven’t used it, but I hear it is really incredible stuff. Henna Color Lab is the brand I’ve been eyeing.

    I dyed my hair twice with semi-permanent drugstore stuff and had a rash for about two weeks (I’m allergic to everything). But henna is all-natural and isn’t supposed to do that. It repairs your hair as well…or so I’ve read. And if it’s on the internet it must be true, right? :-D

    • says

      Someone else mentioned henna and I’m intrigued. I’d want the fade-out stuff so that I could still grow out the gray while covering the roots up a bit. I’ll have to research. The last time I tried fade-out stuff it was super permanent. I don’t know if my hair is just uber porous or what!

      • Aquitenonnymouse says

        Henna is permanent, and if you don’t want it to possibly turn terrible colors, you’d need to get “Body Art Quality” henna which has NO added ingredients.

        I like aka It’s run by a woman who has a PHD in henna studies.

        Henna is healthy for your hair, but it will still have a grow-out line, plus all of your grey hairs will be orange. Pretty orange,… but orange.

        There is no such thing as “auburn henna” or “brown henna” or “temporary henna” if it is actually henna.

        The pigment in the henna (Lawsone) plant bonds with the keratin in your hair. Super super permanent, and you’d have to keep dying it to cover roots. Check out for more info on henna, including the cool SCIENCE!

        My vote for you is just grow it out. In terms of helping the damage from the baking soda damage- vinegar rinses and oil. You can deep-condition in pretty much anything nice and fatty. Mayo, olive oil, egg, etc, and then wash to get it out and rinse.

        Totally unrelated- I just lost a ton of hair due to weight loss (I’d estimate 40-50% of my hair), so I’m going to get it cut into a bob soon. Before cutting it off? I had my first ever visit to a salon for someone to bleach and dye my ends from the shoulder to waist teal, blue, and purple. Heck… might as well since it’s all coming off!

  12. angela s says

    Been there done that for other reason, not gray. Honestly bob it. I did the tiger stripes in my case as I grew out over bleached blonde to my dirty blonde/brownish hair. If I had looked remotely good with shorter hair I’d have bobbed it the moment it was decent. Bob it. The length will come back and I think you’ll feel more beautiful.

    • says

      I might do shoulder length, I think I’ll go mad if I can’t have a ponytail.

  13. says

    There is a lady in my ward who has long grey hair. It is beautiful. I say what ever you like yourself best in do. I get so envious of people who can grow luscious long hair. My grays are coming in on my dark brown canvas and I torn for the same reason. Maybe I’ll just colour it one more time.

    • says

      My mom’s hair has never been dyed and it is long and mostly silver and white now. I LOVE it. Though I have no idea how I’ll feel with mine all grown out I think I will love it.

      • Grandma Debbie says

        I’m hoping for hair as beautiful as my mother’s. Grandma’s hair is totally gorgeous in my book.

        • says

          Grandma’s hair is so, so lovely. Yours is too, if only you’d believe me!

  14. Carol says

    I’d wholeheartedly say embrace your natural color but if you decide to color again, try a mixture of henna and indigo. It turns out lovely with no chemicals. Definitely use good quality though. I’ve used with great success.

    • says

      I’m intrigued, and am currently researching henna, I like the idea of the fade-out stuff so I could cover while I grow out the gray. But I really like how much healthier it sounds if I do decide to keep coloring, but I don’t think I will.

  15. Janelle says

    Go pink! Seriously, my 8 year old has been pink, blue and green in the last two years, sometimes all three. I did a pink stripe once, and it was fun and no one commented on the other color of my hair! Have fun with it! Be creative! I recommend Manic Panic – semi-permanant, washes out in a few weeks depending on how frequently you wash your hair.

    • says

      Maybe the tips, or a streak, but definitely not my whole head :o) I’m trying to move away from anything that would take a million years to grow out or fix, and it sounds like I’d have to bleach my dark hair light before doing a color so it would show.

      My friend Kat just did purple ends on her blonde hair and it’s super fun. She’s blonde though, and it just fades away easily.

  16. says

    Silver fox.
    Because first, you’re so totally adorable, you can definitely pull it off.
    Second, OMSH has rocked it for how long? She’s pretty awesome from what I can tell, and I’ve never met her in person.
    Third, how do you want your kids to remember you and how you age? This is my big sticking point for me, honestly. I’ve never dyed my hair. Ever, unless you count that Loreal conditioning foam that lightened up/conditioned my hair a little one summer back in college. My grandmothers were the absolute awesomest people I knew (seriously, when asked who my heroes were when I was growing up, my answer was them). They aged gracefully – rocked the salt and pepper, or more accurately, the pewter gray and white. They did perms and curls and whatever, but they were amazing, wonderful women. Having standing room only at a 500-person church at your funeral I think is a pretty good indicator. Back to my point – I saw them age and do their own thing and be awesome at it. Growing up, I saw aging as a success, as something to be proud of, not something to hide or be ashamed of. Gray hair included. Which made my Communication and Aging professor in college nuts because she just couldn’t figure me out until my final paper. Out of our class of 24, I was the *only* person with a positive outlook on aging. And I was 22yo to boot, half the class was older than me.

    Anyway, if it still freaks you out, you could do what an old boss of mine did. She went blond. From brown, mousy hair, to straight up movie star blond. The white hair blends in much better with blond than brown. As evidenced by my strawberry-blonde mother, who’s hair is now pretty much see-thru white and I hardly even noticed because it was so gradual and her hair was light to start with. But, you still have to get it dyed and touched up. I’m still too cheap for any of that business anyhow, I barely make it in to get my hair cut once or twice a year.

    On a sidenote, it was also kid #4 that did me in. Before him, I had a few white hairs straggling about. I’m starting to get the chunks at my temples and more scattered white throughout. My poor thyroid and adrenals have also taken a hit since apparently nine years of nursing can do that. I’m to the point where I don’t care if the new little hairs sprouting up are white, as long as there’s actually hair on the top of my head and I’m not bald (since much of the stress helped decimate the population up there).

    • says

      I never thought I’d dye my hair. My maternal grandmother had gorgeous salt and pepper my whole life and is now totally white, it’s thick and lovely. Both my parents are silver and white with a little bit of their dark hair still mixed in, and it’s lovely. Because of them, I have really positive views on aging. I am so cross I’m in this mess of growing out all because that semi-permanent fade out stuff did not fade. Ugh.

      So yeah, totally not freaked out by aging or gray hair, just mad at the growing out process. Sigh. If I could wave a magic wand and have all my streaky gray here right now, I’d be thrilled.

  17. says

    I have no time to read all the comments, maybe somebody has mentioned it already, but after treating your hair with soda, you have to wash it with vinegar (soda-water-vinegar-water – it won’t smell). It neutralizes the soda’s effect. I think vinegar is anyway the best to rinse the hair, it makes it supersoft.

    I am getting more and more grey hair nowadays, It makes me quite sad, I love my natural haircolor as well. I think, I will try to dye it DIY as well. Can’t any friend help you to dye it just on the beginning of the hair? (Hm, I have no idea, how do you say it in english :D)

    • says

      Oh good to know, thanks! That was back in May, and my hair has recovered now, thank goodness, but if I’d known that I would have done a vinegar rinse for sure!

      I don’t want to dye the beginning of my hair, I’d like to grow it out so it’s all gray :o)

  18. Kristina in GA says

    Good morning! I’m newish to your blog and thought I’d de-lurk to ask I question. In the last pictures (collage) your hair looks so shiny and healthy as you’re growing it out! What kind of hair care products/treatments do you use?
    I used to have great hair (long, healthy) but since I’ve have kids and gotten older, it’s changed textured and gotten thinner. I’m 42 (color my own hair at home for about 3-4 years now) and have been going through different hair products for a little over a year now, trying to find something to bring my hair back to life. I’ve been thinking about going natural (I’m sure this would help hair health some), but am afraid to do so because I don’t won’t to be gray and have meh hair. Any tips that have helped you get your hair back in shape?

    • says

      I have a frustrating answer for you, it’s seriously genetics. I got lovely healthy, thick hair from my mama and it stands up to a lot of abuse.

      In the patchy photo my hair looks terrible, it was thinning and felt super dry from the dyeing. I found out my thyroid was low, along with my magnesium and potassium levels. I added more protein to my diet, got on a desiccated thyroid medication, and started taking mag & pot supplements and my hair recovered pretty quickly. I also took Biotin to help the new growth grow faster. It’s back to its shiny self. I also drink about 16 oz of water or more every day.

      I just use cheap grocery store shampoos and conditioners, nothing fancy.

      • Grandma Debbie says

        Seriously, you’re taking “pot” supplements? how did I miss that?
        I’m fairly certain you mean potassium, don’t you? LOL

  19. Callie says

    Don’t do the oops. My hair color is pretty identical to yours and I tried To strip the color and it was a huge orange brassy mess. Find a colorist who will help you blend out “naturally”

    • says

      Orange and brassy sounds like a nightmare. I might to a test strip just to see, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been talked out of it.

      I have called all over the place and all the colorists in my teeny town act like I’m NUTS. I can’t find anyone who knows what to do to either strip color or add in gray or ash highlights in a natural weavy way. They all want to put on a toner or talk me into just covering it again. One suggested I go blonde. Ugh. I really hate highlights in dark hair, it never looks natural and just ends up looking stripy.

  20. My Little Otter says

    By the way– I also have a freak cowlick in front. Just like yours. I mean, the type of cowlick that makes stylists run and cry.

    I now rock side bangs. But– here’s the trick. You need to part your hair on the other side! I have my hair parted on the other side (after 30+ on the right) and have side bangs. Every morning you’ll need to wash/blow dry the bangs part….but they really do lay down.

    • says

      I’ve tried that, if I wear them longer it works but it hurts my head a little. If someone trims them too short, it’s a disaster. And then if you go camping like we do all summer, I look like a nightmare.

      In the shoulder length photo, I don’t have bangs, but I part it on the other side to hide the cowlick so I can have the side swept look. I think that’s my best bet. No fussing with the shorter bang layers, crying when someone cuts them wrong, and I hide the cowlick.

  21. says

    I’m so proud of you for sticking with your guns this time. You have talked about growing it out so many times. I just love love love your gray. It’s so beautiful. I pinkie swear to always support you in good hair choices.

    • says

      So my long haired friend, what do you think about cutting mine? Should I go shoulder length to make the grow out process go faster? It made my sisters weep at the thought, but I think it might help the transition if I hack off the really dark ends. What say ye?

      • says

        Oh golly! I don’t know. I think you should chop off the funny long layer, but I don’t know about more than that. It’s hard to know if it would help. It’s not like you could chop off all the color right now, maybe you could grow it for a while and then chop some when you have more length when you have more left that is virgin. I really have no wisdom to add. :( Also, I have a long hair bias.

  22. shannon says

    Timely post. I’m about an inch and a half into my natural color and getting the itchies. Babies left me with countless stretch marks, a prescription epi-pen for a newfound allergy to seafood, and… drastically dull hair. (also, I swear, If God defies earthly reproductive science and allows me to get pregnant- I am opting for 9 months of feeding tube in the hospital. Doesn’t that sound blissful?)

    Silly and vain though, I am most disappointed about the loss of my hey baby red hair. Henna made me feel young and I could still use the line that it was 100% natural dye. And then my Jiminy Cricket [and my husband] challenged me to grow and embrace my strawberry blonde.

    Heather rocks her gray. You will too. Grow it for a while and see how you feel. I figure I’ll give myself until the week before Thanksgiving to grow and decide on my henna. Since you were dying to know. :)

    • says

      Love it! Give me an update at Thanksgiving, will you? Hmm, I wonder how much longer mine’ll be by then.

      Biotin supplements have been helping mine grow faster and I think helps with the post-baby dullness, too.

  23. cynthia says

    grey is the new thing. For what it’s worth, young girls are dying their hair grey on purpose. See (Rihanna; pop culture and Camille;off of Dooce’s website.)

    I’m torn. I have found a few grey hairs, but I don’t want them showing. Or do I? I teeter on caring and then the exact opposite of embracing it.

    that Henna Color Lab link looks interesting, however.

    • says

      I was surprised to see that when I started searching on Pinterest. That Kelly Osbourne kept showing up. Who knew? I wonder if that means a hairstylist wouldn’t look at my crosseyed if I asked for gray highlights.

  24. Michelle says

    Here’s what I think you should do. Tie your hair up and try that Oops stuff on one smallish section of hair that will be covered when you hair is down. See what happens. Or try it on a section at the front so that if it lightens it a lot, you look like you either have a silver streak (I always wanted one) or “face framing highlights”.

    I wish my grays were “pretty” grays. But they are crazy, kinky, stick-up-straight-from-the-top-of-my-head grays. I worry about what my hair will look like when/if they are allowed to take over.

    • says

      I think I will try it on a hidden spot this week, see what it does.

      Oh mine are definitely insane grays. Kinky, stand up, coarse wires. But I’m hoping there will be enough of them that they’ll lay down. My moms are much different in texture than her brunette hair was but I think her grays are marvelous.

  25. Katie Jane says

    I have read your blog for eternity but this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment. I hope you are still reading comments because this is SUPER important!!! Do NOT use the Ooops. If you think your hair feels bad now just wait until you strip it! Your hair will feel like a Barbie dolls hair. It doesn’t just strip the color, it also strips all the goodness out of your hair. I know this from experience. I couldn’t get a comb through my hair when it was wet, after stripping my hair would break off so I was left with almost every strand of hair a different length, and if I put my hair up in a ponytail my hair would break off around the hair tie. I promise you, the pixie cut will seem like a walk in the park compared to what will happen if you strip your hair! Bad bad baaaad idea! Did I mention…Not good!

    With all that said… I really like the gray in your hair. I think it looks very distinguished! And all those selfies you took? Are super cute! So, how’s that for my first comment in like…8 years? :D

    • says

      Oh no! I have heard such mixed reviews – some say it’s fantastic, other reviews are like yours. With my luck I’d have your results. I still might try a little test strip just out of morbid curiosity, but I will definitely heed your warning!

      Thank you! And welcome out of lurkdom :o)

  26. Shezim says

    I’m 43 (ack) and have a ton of silver hair in my very, very, dark brown hair. I colored it and hated the upkeep. The color would fade and then I’d color again.

    I have very wavy hair and I was wearing it long like your is. But I let the grey grow out as long as I could stand it….then I cut off my hair. Not a pixie but a long banged chin length with layers so my hair could curl. It made the grey roots less noticeable. Then I let it grow and just trimmed the ends until all that color was gone.
    Now I can grow my hair out if I want….but I’m loving the short hair right now.

    • says

      I think that’s a great plan, I’m pretty sure I’ll do something similar, thanks for sharing!


  1. […] with a toy pan and she ended up with 7 stitches in her lip. A few have asked for an update on my gray hair grow out, so there you go. I trick myself into thinking it blends pretty well, but yeah, it so […]

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