Blue and Gold Banquet Ideas

Due to scheduling conflicts at the church, our Blue and Gold banquet has been bumped from February to March. Oh well, that gives me some more time to execute my hoard of ideas.


1. The adorable wooden campfire is what kicked off our theme. Vanessa threw an adorable Great Outdoors Blue and Gold Banquet, and sells the pattern to make your own wooden campfire in her etsy shop, along with unfinished kits and ready-to go painted fires.

2. Leaders are pooling Christmas garlands, mini trees, and twinkle lights.

3. I’ll be bringing some stuffed animals and making ‘Don’t Feed the Bears‘ signs.

4. My friend Missy makes amazing cakes and is going to do a camp-themed one for us, plus s’mores cupcakes. Whee!

5. My friend Tyra has a bunch of burlap left over from another event, so we’ll be using it on our tables.

6. I have to redo our invitations due to the date change, so I’m glad I didn’t do something as fancy as this tent invite. But my non-3D version is pretty cute.

7. I’ve already made navy gingham buntings to string from the ceiling. (picture source) I also have paper circle buntings in blue and gold from last year to hang on the stage.

8. This pin suggests cutting up thrifted flannel shirts for decorations, and pinecones will fit right in.

9. Leaders are bringing camping gear to decorate with like lanterns, and we’re going to have a sleeping bag sack race. I also envision sticks with marshmallows in jars filling in the empty spaces or holes.

10. I love the idea of making a cake stand out of slices of stump, super easy and E. can do it for me. We could display the cupcakes or just the fancy cake.

I couldn’t fit it on my little mood board, but how fun would bug juice be? And trail mix is a no-brainer, of course. For the actual meal we’re planning on typical camp fare: hot dogs, buns, chips, pasta salad.

Phew! They keep threatening to release me, so I figured I could go out with a bang. Don’t you think it’ll be cute? I can’t wait!


  1. says

    Love these. Ours is this weekend, and unfortunately the hubs and I can’t go :( We had plans to go away Sat night, and then they changed the date of ours, but non-refundable (sweet) deal on a hotel room means we miss it. Luckily my MIL loves these things and is happy to take our son.

    • says

      Ha ha, that still makes me laugh! What a crazy, crazy idea to pack us all in that tiny multipurpose room. We’ll definitely be in the gym!

  2. Tasha L. says

    You are so ambitious! That will be an amazing banquet.

    • says

      Gotta go out with a bang if they’re really going to release me – though I’ve told them I’m happy to continue doing Primary + scouts. It’s not like it’s hard… just a few crazy days once a month, and thank goodness not every month is a giant banquet.

  3. Shelly says

    I love the log slices for a cupcake holder. I think I will have some made to hold muffins for my Cub Resident camp. Absolutely love it!

    • says

      Aren’t those cute? I have to make one, and then we can keep it for parties and stuff.


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