Hanging high and wide

Last Saturday I bought some fabric at a discount home decorator store to replace the old big-box store drapes in the front room. I hunted all over for a photo (since I forgot to take one before I attacked the curtain rod with a screw driver). They don’t look too bad here; they were new, and we were using the front room as a school room before the basement was finished.

Old before pic

Over time and with the occasional washing, the curtains got sadder and sadder. The metal tieback things were long gone as they were way too fun to pull on with little hands and had long since come out of the wall. The sides were puckered, and I knew I’d hung the rod too low and too narrow.

I read all about read about hanging curtains wide and high and thought I could make the switch. I moved the curtain up pretty high and sewed my curtain panels, hemming them after I’d hung them to see where they’d hit the floor.

And? Geez, I think it’s too high. What do you think?

front room

I still need to pull out the old molly bolts and patch the holes… and find the trim piece that goes over the blinds at the top. But… really, isn’t it too high? Maybe centered between the top of the window and the ceiling would have looked better? I think it might have.

I took that picture around 1 in the morning last night. Here’s the other side of the room where my 9 year old fell asleep on the couch:

front room

Look at all that giant red wall space. I need a big huge piece of artwork to break things up, but seriously? I’m not buying art to go with a colorscheme I already dislike, but that’s a whole ‘nother post for a whiny, ungrateful day. I’m super tired of the earthtones in my home but need a duplicator so I can paint everything white, including all my orangey cabinets and orangey wood pieces. Ah well. I’m trying to take my friend Kat’s advice to bloom where I’m planted. Hopefully someday we’ll either move or I’ll have the means to change some things around here, but in the meantime, I’m grateful for our warm and cozy house.

p.s. it feels super weird not to be able to find the time to answer all of your comments, forgive me until I get my blogging groove figured out!


  1. Valena says

    Ok. I’m not seeing it in person like you are, but I’ll be honest… from the camera viewpoint, I love the height! I particularly love how there’s enough height difference between your bookshelves and the curtain rod to make the curtains feel like a substantial piece in between those gorgeous but “heavy” bookshelves. By drawing the eye up and away from them, they seem less imposing to me. I’m certain that dropping it down a few inches might help your discomfort with how high they are, but I don’t think I’d go halfway down either. Just my 2ยข. Congrats on the full-time work! You totally deserve it :)

  2. says

    I thought i hung my kids’ curtains too high when we moved in a year ago. I thought the window looked surprised all the time. Now I’m used to it:)

    I think yours look great. Give it a few weeks to see if you get used to it.

  3. Jennifer H says

    I agree with the others–the height is perfect. I think the curtains look great!

  4. Whitney says

    I think the window looks great. If you think it’s too high, a little lower won’t hurt anything. As far as the rest wall, it’s a little intense. I’d say spend $20-$40 bucks on white paint and paint that section. THere’s some great DIY art stuff on pinterest , including some that looks really pretty decent. Piece of plywood or MDF, a carefully selected bunch of cheap acrylic paints from the craft stores, and kids should make a great piece of personalized art.

    You’re doing great!

  5. Sherron says

    I think that the window is missing some decorative molding around the perimeter- it just looks a bit naked. If you add some chunky molding to the window and frame it- the curtains will feel right at home. I know, I know- it is another project and more money. It is an easy project though.

  6. Grandma Debbie says

    I think they look fine, a cozy room. Of course, I like the color scheme. i particularly like the 9 year old asleep on the couch under that gorgeous quilt. Haha.

  7. Kismet says

    Not too high, not too wide, but I think??? The rod is too narrow. I think you need something more substantial up there. Love the drapes tho.

  8. Michelle says

    I agree that you should either add some molding (moulding?) around the window or lower the rod halfway.

    Maybe you could find a big mirror on Craigslist for that wall behind the couch? That way, you’re not investing money in art to match a color scheme you no longer love.

  9. Jen says

    I think the curtains look fine, but the pictures above the sofa are definitely too high. And bigger would be better, you’re right, but I understand your reasons for not buying something new.

  10. says

    I agree with everything above, so nothing original to add.

    But it’s okay that you can’t answer us all right now. Please don’t stress over it :)

  11. says

    I have no opinion on the curtain height, I totally suck at stuff like that.

    What about blowing up a black and white picture for above the couch. There’s all those “I got this beautiful photo done for $12” on pinterest. That would look great on that wall and would match any color scheme. :)

  12. says

    First off, I think you have a really pretty house, I’ve thought so from the time I started following your blog. :-) And I like the up high curtains.

    I was going to mention the whole “blow up a black and white photo for $12 on pinterest” thing as well. I just got 4 huge pictures from Staples printed as engineering prints (you know blueprints on plain copy quality paper) and went next door to Lowe’s and bought a sheet of 1/4 inch plywood (called Luan, it is very smooth and light weight) for $10. Each picture measured 2’x3′ and cost $3.59 and the 4’x8′ plywood was $10. I asked the man at Lowe’s to cut it for me and I got 4 pieces of wood to act the canvas for my pictures out of that one piece of Luan. I measured each photo (since they do print out with a white border) and had him cut the wood to those exact dimensions. They ended up being 33″x22″. I had spray glue here and sand paper and cheapo acrylic craft paint for the edges of the boards, so in total the 4 giant pictures costed me $24.36 or $6.09 each! If you only get one picture made you can also buy smaller sheets of Luan (4’x2′) for about $8, which would totally work for a 2’x3′ print. Of course you’d have to want a picture in black and white in the first place…

    In the house we just moved out of, we had orangey cabinets too. I hated them, so one day I just went to Home Depot bought a gallon of semi-gloss creamy white and went to town on those puppies! I loved it! It made such a huge difference in how I felt about that kitchen.

    Blooming where you are planted isn’t easy, I struggle with that as well. I am so much happier when I do finally get to that point though. Good Luck!

    P.S. Congrats on the full time work! I really enjoy seeing the bits of drawing that you post on here, you should post pictures of those more often!

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