Second place! Plus Pinewood Derby printables

Pinewood Derby!

This little stinker got 2nd place! When I held up my hand so he could give me a high five, he frowned and poked my hand with his finger. It’s N’s famous finger-five. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you get a dead-fish-five with a limp palm flopping against your hanging half high five. He’s hilarious.

Pinewood Derby!

This is my fourth time putting on a Pinewood Derby and I got a little tired of making pit stop and refreshment posters, so I whipped some up in Photoshop, had ’em printed at 17×12″ I think, and the copystore laminated them for me. RADCAKES. Now the posters can live in my scout closet at the church and posterboard and I can break up for good.

It’s not you, posterboard. It’s me. No, wait, it’s you. I don’t like how you don’t come with a control-z function.

Pinewood Derby!

I don’t have a picture of the refreshment table, but this is what the poster looks like:


Guess what else I don’t have photos of? My awesome checkered flags or the checkered flag buntings, but you can download those too. Here, use your imagination:

Derby flags

Oof, all those black and white checks are hard to look at on the blog, but spread out in your building for a derby, it’s pretty cute.

Paula, my former Webelos leader, made these adorable Pinewood Derby cookies with mini candy bars and M&Ms for the wheels:

Pinewood Derby!

Cute, no? Her family is also responsible for that Perry the Platypus Pinewood Derby car up there. They’re pretty much awesome.

Well. With no further ado, here’s your download should you want it. xo!

Download checkered flags (rectangle and triangle buntings) plus the posters: Pinewood Derby Printables Update! Here is a download of the posters in PSD if your printer needs them: Photoshop files of the posters.


  1. says

    Congrats to N! Wooo! This is actually fantastic to read–wouldn’t you know the cute Activity Day girls in my ward get to have their own separate, fantastic Pinewood Derby so they don’t miss out. Hehe. I’m happy I don’t have to be in charge of decorating, but I would totally know where to go if I did! :) Instead I’m making Nuts & Bolts for refreshments ( :)

    • says

      The Young Women group here had their own too! How fun is that? There were lots of pink glittery cars.

  2. Melinda Smith says

    Hi There! Love your posters and was wondering where you got them printed up? I tried taliking with a local copy center and they said they couldn’t work with PNG files. Did you have to convert your file before getting it printed? Thanks for your help.

    • says

      Melinda, it was a tiny local copy store here in my town. I added PSD files (Photoshop format) in the download box if you need them!


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