Oh it’s Wednesday again, and I’m missing my homeschool co-op kids. My husband is teaching Out of this World and Discover Africa for me (he took the kids home yesterday morning as to not disrupt their schedule too much), while my friend Paula has taken over Sparrow Girls. She had them make cards for me last week, and E. brought them down with him on Saturday. I won’t lie, I totally cried. They’re the cutest girls and I miss them so. I know some of their mamas check my blog, so please, ladies, let them know I got their cards and gifts, and tell them thank you!

I continue to do well. I am pretty sure the worst of the episodes are gone. I have kind of a new weakness shaking thing going on, but it’s not too bad. My headaches remain low-grade, and the incision site feels better every day. I think we’ll plan on getting me home tomorrow. Today my sisters are here with yummy food from Chipotle, and we’re all going to watch the finale of Downton Abbey Season 3 (I scout out streaming links from the UK, since the show hasn’t hit the states yet. I’m sure we’ll watch it all over again in January when it does!)

Hope you’re all recovering from election day madness — I didn’t get to vote, we had no idea things would work out this way and couldn’t get a absentee ballot in time. It wouldn’t have made much difference anyway (write in for my favorite guy, Ron Paul!), but I do like to exercise my right to let my voice be heard. It was exciting watching the results unfold.


p.s. Hey, 11797 words so far! It is the worst novel ever, but I’m having a really good time.


  1. Jennifer says

    Healing wishes are ongoing! Hope you can be home with your kiddos and husband soon, but the most of resting and time with your parents.

    Health-strength-peace to you!!

    • Jennifer says

      oops– meant : MAKE the most of the the time with your parents….

  2. Shannon says

    and you’re still managing to write the novel. show off :O) Keep getting better. xox

  3. says

    So glad things seem to be going much better!! Nice to hear there is such a great community around you to take care of things while you are recovering.

    My (Canadian-living-in-Texas) friend is a huge Ron Paul fan, too. :)

  4. says

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re getting better! According to your stats page tonight, you’re about 4,000 words ahead of me on NaNoWriMo, and I haven’t even been sick, just distracted and with too many irons in the fire this month. Way to go you, both with the writing and the recovery! You’re in my thoughts! :)

  5. says

    They’ll be happy you got those cards! What a sweet group of girls, they are, too.

  6. Liz says

    Overjoyed at your successful outcome, Jessica. Best wishes always……. : )

  7. says

    Only YOU launch a novel-writing project post-HEART SURGERY. You crack me up.

  8. Rooh says

    You’re been consistently keeping ahead of ME in NaNoWriMo word count – and I’ve only had sick kids to deal with, not surgery ;)

    Gotta keep the mind busy, I understand that :)

    May the rest of your recovery go as smooth as this bit has been.

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