We didn’t really buy stock in Play Doh

Oh how did I get so behind? I’m behind on blogging, behind on sleep, behind on laundry, and behind on remembering to brush my teeth! Just kidding. I brushed them yesterday. I think.

Last week at our homeschool co-op* we were lucky enough to secure the services of Grant, A+ homeschooler and son of a couple of great parents who have traveled the globe.

*I can’t just write ‘coop’ it looks like chicken coop, and it makes me think of how I haven’t cleaned out the nesting boxes, and then I get all distracted wondering if anyone has been out to get the eggs, and that’s how I forget to post.

Grant brought artifacts from Kenya to show us in our Discover Africa class (and he’s coming back in a couple of weeks when we visit Ethiopia, hopefully with his dad who was born there and speaks the language!!). I didn’t get photos of them all (too mesmerized by hand sewn machete sheaths, but by far the coolest thing? Was the spear the warriors would use to hunt lions. They don’t stalk the big cats, they find them, and then wait, with the spear poised. The lion smells them, stalks them and then pounces, impaling itself on the spear, while the warrior hopefully escapes with only a few scratches.

Holy bravery batman.


The tribes don’t do this much anymore, as to protect the lion population, but it used to mean the warriors were officially “men” after they’d killed their first lions. I should say so. Yeesh.

We also made our own Kigogo games with egg cartons and lots of Skittles. I highly suspect more Skittles were eaten than played with though!

In Out of this World we used my moon phases download and a whole bunch of Oreo cookies (more eating ensued, naturally). We also bought stock in Play-Doh so we could make a whole bunch of model earths, complete with inner core, outer core, mantel, and crust. Many kids went the extra mile and added oceans and continents in some pretty impressive detail — and moons, as Mr K. is demonstrating for us below.

Solar System Class

I missed getting photos of the Sparrow Girls working on their super secret service project, which is good, I suppose, being that it’s super secret. But I did get a picture or two of them working on their Fun & Games badge… who knew this generation didn’t know how to play Hopscotch? Makes me want to have one painted one on the back patio, just like the one I had as a kid.

Hopscotch in Sparrow Girls

I couldn’t find a store that sold Hoppy Taws anywhere. Guess you have to get ’em online nowadays. Man, I feel old.

We need another classic game for tomorrow — I was thinking Four Square. Any other ideas?


  1. says

    First, only rich people used “Hoppy Taws” – we used sticks and rocks – and sometimes blades of grass.

    Next, I seriously need to buy some Oreos.

    • says

      I think I got one in my stocking one year, and my elementary school had entire stacks of them next to the door we could use on recess! We used rocks for class last week, but I’ve read lots of people use bean bags, that probably would be less challenging to hit square. Hmmm.

      HOW did you throw a blade of grass all the way to the upper numbers?

      We finally finished off the Oreos and then my MIL came bearing the Halloween ones with orange in the middle. I’ve gotten used to K’s teeth permanently sporting remnants of cookie. Speaking of tooth brushing…

      • says

        The blade of grass was sarcasm, but we DID use rocks.

        I like the mint oreos – that’s what heaven is going to taste like.

        • says

          Ha ha. I’m super quick and sharp like a shark. I was trying to figure out if you had special rules where you could walk your blade of grass down to the end. Sometimes I crack myself up, and other times I have deep concerns for how my brain works.

          • says

            This is one of my all-time favorite threads.

            And Heather, the peppermint Oreos from Target at Christmas? They blow the mint Oreos out of the water. (Wiping Drool from my chin)

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    Your homeschool is stinkin’ awesome.

    Check out the book “Facing the Lion”. It was written by a Massai warrior who moved to America (part-time) as an adult. So good and very readable.

  3. says

    ooh, how about Jacks for your next classic game?? Though I don’t know where you can find actual jacks anymore.

    love the idea of play-do planets. We’re at the tail-end of Play-do playin’ around here, it’d be a good way to use up what we’ve got.

    What the stinkin’ heck are Hoppy Taws?? (shout out to Heather up there ^ ;-) )

    • says

      Ooh, that’s a good idea! Last time I was at the dollar store, they had some sets. I got Miss K one… I’ll have to pop over and see if they still have any. I was thinking the Cat’s Cradle game too, where we used Chinese jump rope to make all those different hand … things… games? Shoot, I’ll have to google. Wonder if you can still get Chinese jump rope anywhere.

      Hoppy Taws! Augh! I wish I had one to hold, I feel so nostalgic. Wonder if my mom still has any lying around.

  4. says

    my kids love four square..you can make up all different rules etc. I also think hs kids sometimes don’t learn jump rope!

  5. says

    Dood, there were things you could buy for playing hopscotch??? I must have been seriously deprived. ;)

    You need a copy of “The Daring Book for Girls”. It’s got all those cool old-school games, plus instructions! :)

    • says

      We have it! But K left it out in the rain and it is… huge and puffy and the spine is all bent, and pages are stuck together (weeps!) But lots of it is still readable.

  6. Anna Sawin says

    or HORSE if you have a basketball hoop handy!

  7. says

    Marbles! Utah Idaho Supply had some cute sets, my kids HAD to buy their own.

    My daughter’s class studied the Masai a couple years ago.. Fascinating. Impaled lions?! That is bravery.

    Her class is studying geology right now.. and just did the same earth models! Some of us mamas made the play dough though :)

    Thanks for reminding me.. we didn’t check for eggs today yet. oops.

    • says

      Oh I have tons of marbles for scouts, even the big shooter ones…. I think that’s what we’re going to do. Woot!

  8. Judie says

    I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thanks, I’ll try and check back more frequently.

  9. Kathy says

    How about making “Romper Stompers” out of tin cans?! I LOVED Romper Stompers! I also vote for Chinese jumprope. You can get them in the kids’ craft book section at Michael’s or Joanna I think.


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