You know what’s funny? All while my camera was being abused in some post office building somewhere, I was wringing my hands about yes, the cost of replacing it if the insurance didn’t come through (sometimes the post will just say, too bad, so sad, in our experience), but also (holy wow, this is a long sentence) how fabulous our Easter photos were and how I’d never have them again.

Hilarious. The Easter photos were terrible, but it’s the memories, right?

Fake smiles for Easter!

Fake smiles, all of them. And orange-toned thanks to the basement lighting. Oh well.

We went to church first, and then they hunted for candy and their baskets. That lazy, good for nothing Easter Bunny left all the plastic eggs she’s been saving over the years at home. So she just strewed candy about with the help from… erm, Mr. Easter Bunny, and he’s awful at hiding candy, just plunking them down in plain sight. I’m not saying Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny had a fight but there were words. Words over pastel wrapped chocolates.

Don't tell grandma

Don’t tell grandma we stood on her couch like that.

Found one!

All the chasing around photos were blurry, which I suppose is apt. We were in my in law’s basement and I was worrying about opened candy and chocolate smears on white carpeting. Next year? The Easter bunny is coming on Saturday, yo.

The baskets were dollar store, along with most of the stuff in them, but I supplemented that cheapskate Easter Bunny with goodies from our Usborne co-op. Woot, woot.

Dollar store baskets

We didn’t even dye eggs since we were in Utah. I’m not sad about it, to tell you the truth. However, we are having a good time watching some of our chicken’s eggs incubate and hoping that our rooster knows what he’s doing (I’m really not so sure).

Eggs in the incubator

I don’t have the greatest candling light, but I’m trying. I think I can tell that about half of them are growing into baby chicks, while the other half remain a mysterious, speckled, cloudy enigma. And dudes, I can’t see through the green eggs at all. But can I tell you how badly I want a whole new little clutch of Araucana chicks? The one we have now (her name is The Bearded Lady) is such a sulky beast. She hates the rooster and spent months hiding from him and making a point of snubbing all of his advances. So really, no idea if he’s managed to fertilize any of her pretty green eggs. I guess we shall see.

p.s. Lest you think Easter was all about the Mr. and Mrs. arguing and worrying over chocolate smears (and also who got the last Reeses Peanut Butter Egg), we utilized some awesome Ensign resources and had a lovely family discussion about Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. Lovely right? Though the family my 8 year old drew on this printable appears to be driving tanks and toting bows and arrows. I’m going to assume that is just his doodling and not a subtle message to buy more ice cream.


  1. says

    I could NEVER tell if our Araucana eggs were growing either….. it was always a surprise on hatch day if there would be anything in them or not… there usually was!!

    What type of incubator are you using??

    • says

      I really hope they’re growing! I can see veins in almost all the others… a few of the darker brown ones are hard to see through too. I have two that have tiny hairline cracks in them, do you know what I should do? Will they dry out and have problems? I need to google…

      I’m not sure, my husband picked it up at Cal Ranch. Here’s a picture of the box: http://ink361.com/#/photos/167491035776690751_4850521 Oh, found it on Amazon, though we didn’t get the quail egg thing: Little Giant Starter Egg Incubator Combo Kit. What have you used?

      • says

        I belive that the cracks are bad, but you can ‘close’ them up using clear nailpolish…. although I never had to do that.

        We used the internet forum ‘Alberta Chickens Etc,’ and prefered it to backyard chickens as there weren’t as many postings, so easier to keep up with.

        We used a brinsea octagon 20… it held up to 24 eggs, and to turn the eggs you turrned the whole incubator, meaning that all the eggs got turned by shifting the machine.

        • says

          We decided to dump them. :( We candled last night and I really don’t think they looked as far along as the others. We found one that was lighter than the others and full of air, so the liquids must have already been evaporating.

          Thanks for the help!

  2. Karen says

    Not awful. I think fake smiles / poses are always funny… kind of shows their personality, yah think?

    Also, like Miss K. w/ one shoe off and one show on. Like she was so excited she ran right out of it!

    • says

      Meh, I don’t know. I think their personalities are so cute and then they freeze into freeze-faces for the camera.

      Ha, yes, I think she did indeed run right out of it!

  3. says

    Do you like the wipe clean cards? I think they look fun, but I was afraid they’d lose or destroy the marker. What think ye, oh Usborne expert?

    • says

      Yes, they’re a really nice quality, and the pens are nice and not as dusty/messy as regular dry erase markers are. But totally understand your worry. I have the same concerns. So much so that I have them all up high and they can get one down at a time. We have already lost one marker, but the regular dry erase markers work too.

      LOL, totally not an Usborne expert!

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