Yesterday and today

What did you do for Spring Break? Go somewhere nice and warm? A beach maybe? Pshaw, who needs that? Instead of Florida, or Moab, in the case of my sister, think Idaho. Okay, usually this is a really bad idea, since our spring is your winter, but we’ve had really nice weather lately! So I begged and pleaded, and my sis forwent the idea of going south and drove north instead. (Insert animated .gif of a Napoleon Dynamite yesssssssss.)

motorcycle riding cousins

The weather did indeed stay nice and the kids had a good time riding around the neighborhood on the motorcycles. Or ‘mo-mo-cycles’ as my nephew used to call them, but now he’s a big kid and doesn’t speak such heart melting nonsense. Well, he does still ask me for fruit snacks in the cutest voice, I can’t resist.

Yesterday we took a little drive over to the Snake River and did the walk/hike up to Cress Creek. It was so lovely and warm, most of us shed our jackets along the way. These two hilarious little people were slow pokes, stopping to fill their pockets with rocks and examining every leaf along the way.

Goof balls

B. was born in January, and Miss L. was born in April the same year. Close in age, they can be combative, but mostly they get along so splendidly we think they ought to live next door to each other so they can play together every day.


No fair mom! All the pictures are of B & L! I know, but I can’t help it. You guys ran ahead and we had to make sure these two didn’t fall off the mountain. Why not document it all along the way?

These two...

Speaking of falling off the mountain, L looks like she’s about to, but it’s a deceiving picture, there was a hill behind her that was perfectly safe. It looked a bit like this one where B & Azzo are checking out all the sagebrush and bitterbrush.

Sage & Bitterbrush

Don’t forget the poo-study!

Checking out the poop

Look! Other children were present!


And some good doggies panting after the workout of keeping children from falling off mountains. I like to think they help scare away rattlesnakes.

Good doggies

We had to peel Mr. I off the motorcycle to get him to come on the hike. I’m pretty sure he wanted to sleep on the motorcycle. Or at least have it by his bed so he could hold the throttle in the night while he dreamed of careening down my street shouting, “Oh yeah, KAPOW!”


Here is mostly everyone, even Mr. Incognito! From the side, so he doesn’t care! At the creek, checking out all the Watercress that grows there year round thanks to the warm spring.

At the spring

Fun day, no? After my sister drove away with much weeping and crying and chasing after the car (and that was just me), we tidied up, got the boys home from scouts, puttered around, and went to sleep.

Today we woke up to this:


I’m pretty sure this hose is going to be ruined… I’d been watering a few things around the yard with it so it was full of water.

Drift.  Hope my hose survives.

Nice snow drifts, eh? I can’t get the chicken gate open.

Winter sky. Finally.

And here’s our greenhouse, in need of some final bracing and plastic.


As my friend Kat would say. That snow is total Poo Town.

Looks like it’s going to warm back up though. Yay!

Hmm. I hear an altercation upstairs that seems to be involving whose spoon is whose and which cup hasn’t been drunk from. I’d better go. Hope your weekend is snow free…


  1. Jorja says

    OH that is crazy Spring weather! It gets like that out here in March occasionally. Anyhow, glad you had a good visit with your sister. How fun to get all the kids together.

  2. says

    I just want to say, that what I can see of Miss K’s outfit is awesome. I’ve always admired your ability to just let her wear whatever she wants. I tend to micromanage the kids’ clothes and wonder what it would be like to just let go.

  3. says

    Spring Break was much more fun for my kids than it was for me. They went swimming, took hikes, saw movies, shopped, had sleepovers, rode bikes, and hung-out with friends.

    I sat on the couch, sat on the chair, laid in my bed, sat on the couch some more, sat in the chair some more, all the while propping up my leg. Boohoo.

    Oh…and taxes.
    Double boohoo.

    • jessica says

      Aw. How much longer are you immobile for?

      Taxes. Bleh. Thank goodness for our accountant, though we still had to file an extension. Some year we are going to be on top of things… maybe now that Very Baby has sold? YIPPEE!


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