More seeds!

Two posts, one day. Wahoo! This one was supposed to go up yesterday but we were too busy romping around in the warm sunshine.

We’ve been saving up toilet paper rolls at our house so we could try this:


Those contain Leeks, DiCocco Broccoli, and the Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli with some composty stuff on top for warmth. I’m really worried about the temperatures in the windows though, especially with the stupid snow much needed moisture today.

An aside: Using the innocuous word, “moisture” in lieu of the words rain, storm, blizzard, etc. must be kind of a Mormon culture thing, at least in the Utah, Idaho, Arizona area. When we pray out loud in a public setting, like say, someone giving the opening prayer at church, they’ll thank the Good Lord for the MOISTURE we’re receiving / received. Say it’s raining cats and dogs, or snowing sideways, or loud thunder and lightening is shaking the building. Doesn’t matter, it’s moisture. It’s semantics, I know, but to me, moisture is a light mist. Beads of water on your shower door. Damp fog on your bathroom mirror. Trapped droplets between double panes of glass. Moisture is not a storm that is tearing branches off the trees and turning coiffed church goers with we plastic bonnets into miserable drowned rats.

Alrighty then! I have a two foot snowdrift at my front door, but don’t worry, it’s just moisture.

Here are some more TP seedling containers, residing in my 3 year old’s room:

TP seed pots

And here are some re-used pansy pots that have been planted with bell peppers and Casper Eggplant.


I’m thinking, with our crazy weather, I might want to set up a wire shelving unit (which I already have out in the shop) with some kind of light system. Anyone have lights for their late winter / early spring seedlings? If so, do you have a recommendation? I’m still googling around and checking out the different types and wondering why we couldn’t just rig up something ourselves.


  1. Tish says

    The school my daughter went to last year (an environmental ed based pull out program with 2 classes of 26 4th graders in each on 640 acres of Colorado Dept of Wildlife managed land) uses a large wire rack to start the seedlings that we either sell for fundraising or transplant to the raised bed gardens the kids tend. (The kids love incorporating freshly picked school grown spinach, lettuces, and baby carrots, radishes and squashes into their lunches.) Standard fluorescent tube fixtures (like in basements, stores, offices) are wired to the undersides of the racks (to shine on the shelf below) and fitted with grow-light tubes. To make it easy to control the lights, we wired a power strip with an on-off switch to the side of the rack to plug all the lights in to so that we can turn on or off all the lights by flipping one switch, and on the weekends we can plug the strip into a timer. We also fitted the racks with trays so overzealous watering doesn’t soak the classroom carpet. It’s amazing how something so simple (and relatively inexpensive) is so effective.

    • says

      This is really helpful, Tish, thank you! I think we’re going to give something similar a go.

  2. says

    We received the same moisture today. :) I think that was more moisture than any of the individual storms had during winter. Ha ha ha… Thank goodness nearly all of it is melted now.

    • says

      I’m guilty of saying moisture during prayers, it must be ingrained in my brain. :o)

      I agree! I think it’s more snow than we had all winter!

  3. Katie says

    I despise the word moisture in prayers, and I refuse to say it. I call it as it is!

    • jessica says

      Ack, I don’t know what my wordpress password is so I can’t log in officially and comment as me. Oh wells.

      I know I’ve been guilty of saying it, it’s ingrained somewhere in the depths of my brain, but if I’m conscious about it, it’s RAIN or SNOW. :)

      • jessica says

        Ha ha, I mean, because I’m on the road… and my password is too hard to recall. You know, if you can remember your password it ain’t safe. Or… you’re just a genius with a perfect recall?

  4. says

    Here in Southeast Texas moisture is directly related to the level of humidity in the air. And in the summer that means 100%, sauna-level, “you’ll have beautiful skin ’til you’re 80 but can’t breathe” moisture.

    I think of diapers.
    Wet diapers.

    When I saw all that dirt in your window sill all I could think of was how much fun Finn would have with it. And by default, how much Emelie would have to clean up.

    • jessica says

      Wet diapers. Bwhahahaha! I had some that were way more than “moist” like when I was trying to tell my friend how wonderful they were and she was holding K and her diaper was so “moist” it was soaking all over her lap. Nice diaper-evangalist, Jessica.

      Oh gosh, yeah, a cat would have a HAY DAY with my seeds!

      (not logged in as me, at MILs)

  5. says

    I use the cheapest flourescent shoplights I can buy from Home Depot with the cheapest bulbs. (the fixtures are about 3 or 4 feet long I think) Don’t worry about the expensive bulbs or anything. The normal bulbs work wonderful and I’ve been using this method for over 15 years! I keep the lights as close as possible to the plants and I don’t even worry about a timer. (A timer would be nice to save on electricity, but I just keep them on 24/7 for simplicity sake and because I’ve never got around to a timer.) In my opinion, flourescent lights are the key to success for sturdy plants that aren’t leggy and spindly.

  6. charli says

    I concur with with Heather (I’m only a half hour or so south of her) about the SE Texas humidity. It’s HEAVY! After visiting Idaho and then coming back home I feel like breathing is WORK down here!

    Being LDS, I laugh to myself every time we go to church up there and they pray about the moisture. We don’t thank the Lord for the moisture down here in sacrament. We may thank Him for the rain, but we don’t call it moisture. Part of that, I think, is that we have less farmers here- so less families who depend on that moisture.

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