Monet Water Lilies

Last week both my oldest and I were plagued with a headache that wouldn’t go away. We’re both prone to migraines, his make him nauseated and he usually throws up. Mine give me sparkly halos and I lose an alarming amount of my vision. After the worst had passed, we were both left with dull aches that hurt when we moved our eyes or heads too quickly. Something in the water?

It resulted in our being absent from our homeschool co-op classes so we had our students complete a homework assignment. Completely fill in one of their 11×14 art sheets with swirls of blues and greens in acrylic paint to create a pond background for our Monet water lilies.

A few forgot, but most completed the assignment and came ready with wonderful pond scenes. (We quickly set up those who forgot with the right colors and set them to work.)

I showed everyone some of my favorite images of Claude Monet’s water lily series of paintings and explained a bit about Impressionist painting. J. pointed out how the water lilies in many of Monet’s paintings didn’t even look like water lilies when you looked at them closely, how the blobs of paint simply communicated the idea.

I provided tissue paper petals and green construction paper for lily pads:

Monet Water Lilies Art for Kids

The children who painted their ponds set them aside to dry and added their lily pads and petals at the end of class. Since this project was more of a catch-up from last week, and short due to most of the painting being done at home, I came prepared with a back up, which turned out to be my most favorite project yet. I’ll post about that one next.

(I forgot my camera, so the photos are taken with my iPod. You can see bigger shots at Flickr in my Homeschooling Set.)


  1. says

    Loving Monet’s water lilies always seemed so cliche to me– they are too famous, all over posters on office walls etc. etc. But…

    then I saw them at the SanFrancisco museum of modern art. The painting was HUGE and I was awed and overwhelmed. I sat there and sat there and stared and nearly cried it was so beautiful.


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