Charlotte Mason Memorization

I was answering this question the other night and it caused me to reminisce on my little rebellion during 4 years of Seminary while in high school. I flatly refused to work on any Scripture Mastery and I don’t even have a good reason why. I liked the scriptures, I read them regularly. I could memorize parts for plays and musicals (only ever in the chorus, folks, I can’t sing worth diddly). I suppose I just figured, hey, I can look a scripture up if I want to recall it.

Well, I’m older and wiser now, and work on memorizing my favorites regularly. I also feel that memorization (and learning recitation) is one of those good, character building bits of awesome I should make encourage my kids do (more consistently).

Trying out CM memorization this year

So we’re trying this out this year. If it doesn’t work (translation: if we aren’t consistent), it wasn’t a huge investment. A couple of recipe card holders from the dollar store, some index cards and dividers I already had on hand = two bucks and some change.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been reading lots of old Miss Charlotte lately, and I like gobs of it. Maybe we’ll love and adore this little file box method for memory work. Maybe I should make myself a box and get all those Scripture Mastery passages ingrained. Um, along with the Articles of Faith, weirdly I refused to memorize those as well, though most of them found their way into my brain files over time.

The older boys are stoked with the boxes. They want to learn the entire Christmas story from Luke by heart and perform it this year during the holidays. Okay, one boy is stoked and the other is semi-willing to go along with it as long as nobody looks at him while he recites. I told them it might take longer than a handful of months. They said, “we shall see.”

My girl is going to be working on various lovely and simple Psalms along with some poetry.

Ahem. Sometimes I talk too much. This photo and the picture in the last post were supposed to be part of a picture-heavy post with few words. Oops. You like all the explanation though, yes? (Say yes.)

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