Hopeful for spring

It snowed this morning. But it melted before I had to walk through it or anything, so my mood remains decent. This concludes your hormonal weather report.

The older boys are even out playing baseball out in the back yard with friends. Yes, when you live in Idaho, 42 degrees feels like baseball weather.

I saw this spring wreath on my sister’s blog this morning, and after a few unsuccessful attempts at fabric flower making, found this very helpful rolled flower tutorial via Skip to My Lou, and made better progress.

Fabric flower wreath

The hot glue gun scorched my fingers several times (Okay, fine, I scorched my fingers with the glue gun, it didn’t actually come after me with a vendetta or anything, though it is possible it could still be cross about that one time I tried using it to quickly fix the hem of my scout pants.) but all in all, the project went pretty quickly. I dig the finished product, which is good, given my history. As it’ll likely become our summer wreath too.

In other house-fluffing news, I snagged a “He is Risen” banner on etsy from the same seller who “inspired” my Thanksgiving “Blessed” banner. By “inspired” I mean I tried to copy her as closely as I could. But this! This is the real deal, yo. I’m not always an etsy-idea pirater.

My only Easter decoration

See the blur on the letters in the photo? That’s because the heat vent was on full blast. Brrr.

You guys, that is it for spring / Easter decorations. I need to get crackin’ on a seasons table or something.

Ah well, what I do have is cute, yes?

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