Sweet Pod

I’ve been pattern testing for the lovely Miss Jessica, making one of her Sweet Pod baby carriers. I was equal parts intimidated and excited about this project, but I really got into it last night. I worked and sewed for 5 hours straight, and only had to unpick one little mistake. I was on a major roll, baby.

Sweet Pod

And then? I realized in my pile of buckles and hardware I’d ordered for the project, I only had ONE sternum neck slider thing. Which means I can’t finish sewing on the webbing and clips and stuff on one of the shoulder straps.

Boo, hiss. I hate stopping right in the middle (or so close to the end!) for no good reason. Ugh! This is why once I start cleaning my house I don’t stop until the whole thing shines and I fall into bed at 4 in the morning with a note on the kitchen table telling everyone if they so much as BREATHE on any of the clean surfaces I’ll do something really fierce, like growl at them or something.

The place Jessica found for us to order the hardware from takes fifty million years to ship, so I’m way bummed. Oh well. If you need me, I’ll be camping out by my mailbox waiting for a lone $0.55 piece of hardware to arrive in a teeny tiny package that they charged me $5.00 to ship.

Still, I think it will be worth it. How cute is this thing?

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