Chore tickets update

Many of you have written to ask for an update about the chore tickets and chore pockets idea I wrote about waaaay back in April of 2008. I thought the idea was a good one, but then I got sick and the project got shelved right along with everything else that required me to be upright with my eyes open.

Well, the languishing project has finally been resurrected. I rescued the chore pocket board from its temporary use as a pin board for art projects, dusted off the chore tickets and promptly got overwhelmed. The cute tickets I had designed weren’t completed and I couldn’t find the old files on my computer anywhere. I didn’t want to start over and they were a pain to print out and then cut apart anyway. I could feel myself shelving the project all over again, but instead, I gave myself permission to make new chore tickets with 3×5 cards and a plain old black Sharpie.

Chore chart...

Not as cute as I’d envisioned, but hey, it works.

I decided to stitch initials in the center of each child’s two pockets. If I had this to do all over again, I would make sure each child’s two pockets had the same fabric on the front for easier identification. The patchwork is nice looking but it does make it a bit harder for little ones to tell which pockets are theirs.

To help them see which pocket had their to do chores and which pocket was for putting their completed chores in, I ordered custom metal tags stamped with “do” and “done” on them from Emily Dewee’s Jewelry. Perfect!

Close up of do/done tags.

Each morning after breakfast, I sort out what chores need to be done and by whom. Generally each child has 1 – 4 chore tickets in their “do” pocket. The kids know that chore time is directly after breakfast and like to see what they’ve got in their pockets. As long as I’m consistent, I don’t get any complaints. I also make sure it’s fair. If I’m asking my 7 year old to complete a harder or more time consuming chore, he might only get one chore ticket for that morning. I usually only give my 3 year old a couple of easy chores but she’s at that age where she really likes to help and will spontaneously volunteer to help with other things that sound exciting.

So far it has been working really well for us, I like it too — though my “do” pocket is frequently bursting!


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