Baby shoes!

Creative people are rarely tidy.

Between LDS General Conference sessions, my baby took an obliging little nap. I surveyed my disaster of a sewing corner charmingly disheveled creative space looking for a quick and dirty project I could get completed before the second session started and/or before the little guy woke up hungry.

My eyes landed on a pattern for soft baby shoes I printed out ages ago. Perfect!

These were something I’d wanted to try but was a little afraid. Sewing shoes? C’mon that’s got to be complicated, right? Ha, these are insanely easy. Omygosh, like, seriously. I could make a zillion of these. They only take about 20 minutes! And hello, look how adorable:

Soft Baby Shoes

The fabric is slightly girly (princesses are on the heels), left over from a skirt I was trying to make my daughter (still not finished), but I didn’t want to waste anything fabulous (I have some awesome Japanese elephant fabric that’s dying to be made into little shoes) until I knew I could swing these. And I so can!

Busy fabric prints

The pattern calls for something called bonded fleece for the soles, but I just used some microfleece with a layer of cute fabric on the bottom since my little one isn’t walking yet anyway.


Update: So I had to make matching pants. Matchy-matchy-dorky, but I love them.

Hey, at least his shirt isn't matchy-matchy.

So I had to make matching pants.

And also, how cute is he? I know, right? CRAZY adorable.

What a nugget.

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