Waldorf-like Felt Crown Tutorial

Modeling a present

I managed to cobble together a picture tutorial and pattern sheet for those of you interested in making some wool felt crowns. Now, this is not a professional grade pattern. It’s simply some rough instructions and pattern pieces sorted out after I invented my own as I was going along.

This pattern and the instructions are protected by a Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Which means you can share these instructions, share the pattern, create works from it, and sell the stuff you make with it. All I ask in return is that you link back to me so I know what you’ve done with it.

Alrighty then, here we go.

Materials Needed

  • Scraps of wool felt in whatever colors you’d like to use. You’ll need three small 4″ x4″ pieces and one 11″ x 4″ piece for one crown. I like to use a wool blend. I buy mine at “Material Girls” in South Jordan Utah, but many colors are also available at Create for Less. Regular squares of craft wool from craft shops will likely work but will not stand up as well, nor will it last as long. That stuff is synthetic and will pill. The wool felt is much better quality!
  • Fusible web (Wonderunder is a popular brand). This isn’t totally necessary, but it makes the whole thing easier.
  • Any ribbon you’d like to use to accent. About 11″ long.
  • 3/8″ wide elastic. I like cotton Stretchrite elastic. How much depends on the size of your child’s head, but you’ll want to have at least 15″ on hand. (Elastic only goes around the back of the crown).
  • Scrap cotton fabric to cover elastic. Size depends on the size of the elastic you end up cutting for your child’s head. You’ll want about 2″ wide, and double the length of the elastic you end up cutting.
  • Buttons or other embellishments if desired.

Step One

Print the Felt Crown Pattern. This is a pdf format, and should print on a regular 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. You will want to adjust your printer settings to print without a margin, and to print “landscape” style. Also, if your printer settings have it, uncheck the box that asks you to shrink the page to fit. Pattern Piece A should be about 3 inches tall, and 3.5 inches wide. Pattern Piece B should be 3 inches tall, and about 10.5 inches wide.

Cut out both pattern pieces.

Step Two

Cut out your pattern pieces. You’ll need 3 of the smaller Pattern Piece A, and 1 of the longer Pattern Piece B. You can cut out all the same color, or alternate… whatever you choose. If you want the crown a single solid color, you can just cut 2 of Pattern Piece B.

Step Three

Cut a bit of the fusible web in the shape of Pattern Piece B, and iron it on according to package directions.

Step Four

Let the fusible webbing cool, and peel off. You should be able to see a smooth, dull, sort of tacky surface left on the wool.

Step Five

Place your 3 pieces from Pattern Piece A on top of the ironed on fusible webbing. Don’t worry if everything doesn’t match up perfectly… the important places things should line up are the lines between each small piece. Everything else can be trimmed to match later.

Step Six

Iron on top to fuse the smaller pieces to the larger piece. Leave about an inch on each end where you don’t iron. This is where you’ll slip the elastic band for a custom fit.

Step Seven

Here you can see how my edges at the top (crown points) don’t all match up perfectly. But my “seams” between each small piece on the front of the crown do. If yours looks like this, that’s okay! Just use your scissors to trim the crown points, sides, and bottom if necessary so everything matches up.

Step Eight

Using a nice wide zig zag stitch, stitch the “seams” down. You’ll want to make sure one “zig” is on one side of the “seam” and the other “zag” is on the other to lock the pieces in place.

Step Nine

This is where we’re going to get all exact and scientific. Okay, just kidding. This is the part of the instructions that are kind of held together with masking tape and staples. If you can sort out a better way of doing this, I’m all ears! Here’s how I did it.

Now you’re going to want to grab a measuring tape or a piece of string and measure your child’s head around the forehead and to the back just where baseball cap would sit. Subtract the finished width of the wool felt crown portion from the measurement. The left over measurement you’re going to want to mark on say, a piece of paper or eyeball it on say a grid cutting mat. Take your elastic and hold one end down on one end of the measurement and gently stretch it to the other end of the measurement. Add one inch and cut.

I told you, real scientific, right?

Step Ten

Now you’ve got your elastic. Measure it un-stretched. Now cut a piece of cotton fabric that is about 2″ wide and twice the length of your un-stretched elastic. This is going to be your elastic sleeve. Fold it in half long ways, right sides together, and stitch, leaving each short end open.

I hate threading elastic through a tiny tube. So, here’s my little hack to make it less annoying. (If you’ve got a better way of doing it, say the safety pin method or whatever, have at it!) I take the elastic and stitch about a quarter of an inch into one short end like so:

Step Eleven

Then, using a pen or a pencil or a chop stick, stick that elastic end on top, and shove the tube down over itself, turning it right side out.

Step Twelve

BE CAREFUL… don’t let the free end of the elastic get lost in the tube. Keep a hold on it, otherwise it’s a pain to fish out.

Take that free end of the elastic, bunching the fabric down and stitch it to the opening. Then you’ll be sure not to accidentally lose it down inside before it’s all stitched into the crown.

Step Thirteen

Now we’re going to stitch the elastic band into the crown… along with the decorative ribbon if you’d like some across the front. Don’t measure the ribbon exactly against the crown, just make sure you’ve got some excess… it just seems to help ensure you don’t end up with too little on the other end.

Fold the ribbon under the opening you left when ironing the front pieces onto the back piece. Slip one end of the elastic band under as well… about a half inch worth. Pin if that helps you.

Step Fourteen

Start at the top edge of the side of the crown and straight stitch around the edge, going over the ribbon and elastic band.

Sink your needle and pivot at the corner, and stitch the ribbon down through both the front and back pieces of the crown all along the bottom. Repeat Step Thirteen on the other end… be sure to make sure the elastic band isn’t twisted in the middle!

Step Fifteen

Keep going and top-stitch around the points in the crown, ending where you began.

Step Sixteen

Stitch the top of the ribbon down and add any embellishments you want, and you’re all done!

Wool felt crowns


If you like a taller crown, just add an inch or two to the bottom of each pattern piece.

If the elastic has you gloomy, you can just make a “strap” of more wool and a bit of velcro to fit your child’s head perfectly.

If the children are old enough not to strangle themselves, you could also cut two strips of bias binding, stitch on each crown end and tie the crowns onto their heads.

I’ve seen these with the child’s initial appliqued onto the front, so cute – especially for birthdays.

Happy sewing!

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