Girlmore girls, shoes, and eternal youth (sorta) on Facebook.

1. Gilmore Girls: Every so often Gilmore Girls would come up in conversation and I would confess that I had never seen it. Eyes would go wide. Gasps would be heard. Chests would be clutched (theirs, not mine). It was, if I may be so bold, an even bigger deal than when people found out I had never seen any of the Star Wars movies. (My husband rectified the latter shortly after we were married, and later made me watch the new ones as well. I remain unimpressed… sorry Star Wars fans.)

Sometimes I like to have some noise while I work, and I was tired of my regular podcasts, so over the last few weeks, I decided to fill that gaping hole in my pop culture library.

I finished the last episode a few days ago, and I kind of wish I’d nerdily live-blogged my reactions, but I think I mostly enjoyed it. I bet my reactions would have been solidly different if I’d caught this show when it first aired. I was younger then, and probably would have identified more with Loralei (Lorelei? Lorelai?). But now that I’m an old, cantankerous bat, I found myself identifying more with her parents, minus the snobbery.

Sookie is mad

I sort of wanted to throw all the shoes at the screen during season 7, but that’s over now, and I’m glad. Team Luke forever. I hated all of Rory’s boyfriends, and I’m extra mad at Dean and whoever decided that a great way for a kid to lose their virginity was to do it with a married guy. Excuse me while I pick up my cane again and wave it around whilst shouting “get off my lawn,” but any story line that involves cheating fills me with rage and sadness. Sookie is my favorite and I must shamefacedly admit it’s the first Melissa McCarthy role I’ve seen. She is rainbows and glitter and I’m super sad she won’t be coming back for the probably ill-advised reboot.

2. New Shoes: So I mentioned briefly, somewhere, I think? That I started getting a runner’s knee issue on the outside of my right knee. Weird, since I do not run unless being chased by a hungry bear. It ruined my walking routine and has seriously bummed me out for lo, all these many months.

One of my many doctors (I collect them, for funsies) suggested I go get my feet analyzed and get proper shoes to deal with my high arches and pronation. This was after he had me bring in my sad Fila shoes that I got for $15 at Costco. I think he was a little cross that we had been doing all this stretching and resting after I assured him my workout shoes were “fine,” because $15 Fila shoes that are also probably 10 years old at least are not fine.

So I went to Wasatch Running Center and immediately found myself extremely intimidated. But I was soon put at ease by being told to put on socks that were not my own and jog down a pseudo catwalk in the store in front of all the people. Right, so it was super embarrassing, but also very helpful. The lady that helped me was very nice and I spent a BAJILLION MILLION dollars on shoes and arch support inserts that make my feet want to run for fun.

These, plus arch support insert things = hooray.

These, plus arch support insert things = hooray.

Just kidding, I will never run for fun. But I took them on a couple of test walks and NO KNEE PAIN! Confetti and cupcakes for everyone.

3. Bookface hair: I got bangs. Or fringe, if you’re fancy. I haven’t had bangs for a very long time. At least several years. I have to get used to them feeling like creeping things on my forehead but so far I am not filled with drastic-hair-change-regret also known as DHCR — a terribly sad and tragic condition. We should make ribbons and organize a 5K walk to raise funds for the cause. Free Thin Mints for everyone suffering from DHCR. #imasurvivor, see, I grew out a pixie cut. Solidarity DHCR sisters! And also, I could have used some Thin Mints during the process, for sure.

Anyway, so not having DHCR is good, but I am a little concerned that my new bangs hearken a little too much unto high school hair, but they are at least, less crispy. And also, if we’re honest, less brown.


Mega props to Kismet for the Napoleon Dynamite caption for my throw back picture. I laughed for days.

I would sort of like to update my profile photo on Facebook with this terrible Photobooth picture (the one with the phone hiding half my face, just to be clear) so that those who know me in real life will not be startled when they bump into me at the market and discover I have a giant regent-era mustache on my forehead. BUT, alas, I will not do any Facebook profile picture updating ever again.

Why? You ask? BECAUSE. A profile photo change is not like this quiet thing that happens. It’s BROADCASTED, you know? When you update your photo on Twitter, nobody is the wiser, and sometimes you even have to announce it so people don’t wonder who you are because your tiny thumbnail looks so different. But on Facebook, it is NEWS. It sticks your GIGANTIC new photo in everyone’s feeds. Everyone’s! And then all the people comment on it and it’s very, very embarrassing. It’s way more overwhelming than posting a bang-shot to my tiny, private Instagram account. I guess I just don’t like making Great Uncle George in Koosharem feel like he has to complement my skin tone.

The last time I updated my picture on The Facebook, I deleted the big huge photo from my timeline thinking that would be that, but no. No, indeed. Facebook still sent it out to everyone like it was the latest and greatest cat video.

So I will be bangless and 39 years old on Facebook forever, the end.

Personality Type


I remember taking a personality test way back in high school. After some digging it looks like it was probably the Hartman Personality Profile. I remember I got a ‘blue’ result and was mad because I wasn’t a yellow. Yellows were outgoing and fun loving, and that was kind of the persona I tried to put on in my teens. Blues seemed more complex and I didn’t like the description at all.

I am now a white (introverted, quiet, home-body, avoider of conflict), though that is a guess based on what I can remember about the color personality types. It looks like the only reputable place to take a Color Code test is here, and it’s set up kind of oddly. It wants you to answer the questions as if you were still a child, which seems problematic — I got a yellow result doing it their way, but that’s because that’s what I wanted to be as a kid… it wasn’t who I was, and it’s not who I am at my core. Not at all!

My friends like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality tests, which I think are considered more accurate and the personality standard today, anyway. Curious after my friend Kat had been talking about her results, I found a test and took it.

My result? INTJ. Which stands for Introversion + Intuition + Thinking + Judging. I don’t understand it all yet (I’m still researching) but what I’ve learned so far about this type is hilarious. And by hilarious, I mean SPOT ON. It’s very entertaining to read about my own personality quirks! It’s like they are a real thing and not just my random, unique weirdness. It’s kind of reassuring I guess, that I’m not as big a ‘lone reed’ as I thought… though INTJ is one of the rarest personality types, and it’s even more rare in women.


Wikipedia states “INTJs are one of the rarest of the sixteen psychological types and account for approximately 1-2% of the population.”

The “I” in INTJ stands for Introversion. Essentially, INTJs are introverts who prefer small, intimate friend groups rather than maintaining large a large circle of social acquaintances. We expend energy in a social situation and go home feeling quite drained. We need a recovery period after a social interaction wheras most extroverts (the outgoing type) thrive on social interaction and feel fulfilled and ‘filled up’ after a party.


This is SO me. My idea of a great time is being alone. My group of close friends is very small, in fact, the only reason I have friends at all is because they kind of forced me to be friends. That sounds awful, but if they hadn’t taken the initiative, I wouldn’t have any friends and I wouldn’t feel like I needed any. Like, at all. Moving away has shown me that I do need and miss them, but I would never have missed what I didn’t have if they hadn’t barged their way in in the first place. If this sounds unfeeling and cold, trust me, they all know how weird I am and for some strange reason, love me anyway.

The “N” stands for ‘iNtuition preferred to sensing,’. This link explains: “intuitive types are comfortable in the realm of abstract thinking. They prefer to solve problems by pondering them rather than engaging in hands-on experience. They connect to symbols and metaphors, and are more likely to remember the “big picture” of an event and the way it felt rather than the details that occurred. They’re the type of person who, upon arriving at a destination, realizes they didn’t notice any of the landmarks along the way, because she was caught up in an idea.”

I think this is a nice way of saying we can tend to be dreamers who like to live in our own heads a lot. I am forever arriving at my destination and becoming somewhat alarmed that I don’t remember driving there. I call it going on autopilot. I generally don’t listen to music in the car so I can have lots of time to spend with my own brain. I always thought this was peculiar… and I suppose it is, but it’s nice to know there are at least 4 in 500 other women who may do the same thing — ha.

The “T” stands for ‘thinking preferred to feeling.’ Yes! From Wikipedia: “INTJs tend to value objective criteria above personal preference or sentiment. When making decisions they generally give more weight to logic than to social considerations.”

During my late teens and early 20s I heard a lot from boys/men I was dating was, “You’re like a guy.” I think this was because I was fairly logical and that was somewhat unusual in their experience — at least I hope so. It might have been because it was stretching it to call myself an A-cup. Bah-dum-dum-ching!

I have always wanted to talk misunderstandings out and solve them from non-emotional spaces. I can be the guy in the “it’s not about the nail” scenario and annoy my friends by trying to solve their problems rather than just listening to them vent.

That isn’t to say that I’m completely non-emotional. I am a female, I have nonsensical hormonal fluctuations and PMS; I am definitely not a robot. I’m sure you could probably do a search through my archives and find a lot of situations where I made a choice claiming “it felt right.” But the majority of the time, I tend to make decisions based on pros-cons lists and less on feelings or emotions. If I am being unusually emotional about something, logic will be what calms me down. Focusing on those pros/cons, writing it out, looking at it rationally, and coming up with solutions or coping mechanisms will all help me deal with an overload of feelings. I don’t feel better after a big cry session unless there is actual, concrete problem solving going on as well.

The “J” stands for ‘judgement preferred to perception.’ From Wikipedia again, “INTJs tend to plan their activities and make decisions early. They derive a sense of control through predictability…”

I am SUCH a planner. But not in the sense that you might imagine when you hear the word ‘planner.’ I’m not good with set routines, schedules or hard and fast rules (eg: Yoga at 10am sharp every single day forever!) But I make all kinds of larger-scope plans (eg: do Yoga a few times this week!) and am not very good at spontaneity at all. When Tracy calls to tell me she’s on the way to my house and we’re going shopping, it can ruin my day. I need more time to process. Sometimes I gird my loins and go and end up having a great time, but ideally I like to have a few days’ notice before an activity that requires leaving my house (or having visitors). I am the absolute worst with friendly neighbor drop-bys. I will all-out hide from the door and not answer.


The phone ringing unannounced can give me the same kind of anxiety and I don’t answer unless I have to… and even then…


I think this fits this “J” section as well: I’m also a spectacular planner and organizer of time for others. If you need a plan for exercising, homeschooling, budgeting, remodeling / renovating, mood boards, a business plan, a gardening plan, a floorplan or floorplan revisions, a self-improvement plan… oh my word, am I your girl.


I LOVE research and I adore compiling that research into an orderly project with executable instructions. Seriously, research is what I do for fun. I’ve had a few clients over the years that have had me organize a custom homeschooling plan for them. They give me parameters like what their budget is, the ages and levels of their kids, the time they have, the other things they need to fit in, and I deliver a veritable book with curriculum choices, daily schedules, and even a customized teacher-planner if they are into that kind of thing. I LOVE IT and wish I had more time for stuff like that.

I’m still learning about all of this, but I really loved the INTJ information I found at this website: Oddly Developed Types. So much of it rang true. I had a good time reading parts of it out loud to the kids. They were like, “Did someone study you? Did they write this up after they met you?”

What about you? Do you know your color type? Have you ever taken a Meyer’s Briggs test? I’ve taken lots of them now, and keep getting the same result. I think I’m married to an INTJ as well and we get along spectacularly.

I want to talk a bit more about this, so we’ll see if I can organize my thoughts a bit more on the subject before March is over :) What say ye? Boring or fascinating? I’m kind of fascinated.

My bullet journal

So I psyched myself out a little, once I went to take photos of my bullet journal, because it is not Pinterest worthy at all. But then I reminded myself that’s kind of the whole point of why I wanted to share it in the first place. I don’t want people to think bullet journaling has to be perfect and pretty. It so doesn’t.

If you’re new to bullet journaling, start here: Here’s his video to give you the gist:

Here are my bullet journal rules:

  1. It does not have to be pretty.
  2. It does not have to be perfect.
  3. It just needs to work.

I bought a hard-cover green moleskine notebook from Amazon when I got started.  I wasn’t sure if I would like the hard cover, but I do.


I do have kind of a code system, but it’s very basic. And I didn’t make one until I had used it a bit and knew what I would and wouldn’t really use. I use these consistently, though my exclamation points usually end up circled:


I made an index in the front which I seriously doubted I’d be able to keep up, but it turned out to be pretty helpful.  One of the reasons the bullet journal works so well with me is because I can keep a daily to-do list, but interrupt the ‘layout’ so to speak, to jot down whatever is in my brain.  And if those jots happen to be important jots that I don’t want to lose, I can stick them in the index so I can find them again.  BRILLIANT, and the main reason bullet journals eradicated most of my sticky notes and miscellaneous slips of paper everywhere.


You can make an easy calendar for each month… but I stopped doing these after about March.  I just didn’t reference them as much, and found I’d rather list important stuff in the main index.  To the right below, you can see how you can also make a master task list for each month.  This also stopped about mid-way through the year.  I found it easier to just handle stuff on a day to day basis rather than flip back and forth between this master task list.


I wanted to show you the difference between a tidy example:


… and a rougher example:


Because they both work the same way, and it just shows you that your bullet journal does NOT have to be an artistic expression and/or crazy neat… unless you are into that, and then by all means, knock yourself out.  I just know that for me, if I set the standards of something too high (hello, perfectionist here) as soon as I mess up, it’s over.  The past-me would have wanted every single page to look magazine-perfect, but that past-me would have thrown the whole thing away the second I messed up one of the precious pages.

I had to lower the bar for myself in this regard, and in so doing, I’ve allowed myself to make something really, really useful.


Again, the beauty of a bullet journal is that the pages are created by you.  When using a regular planner with printed pages, you can’t really interrupt the daily task lists and calendar layouts to jot down a silly memory from 6th grade (above: My neighbor Abby decreeing that we would begin 6th grade at our new school with silky bras… with cups.  We were both flat as a board.)  But with a bullet journal you can — you can just write down / doodle whatever you want, note the info in the index if it’s important, then get back to the to-dos on the next, clean page.


I LOVE this freedom.  I finally have a place to put all the things rattling around in my brain!  This is very freeing for an INTJ who regularly cannot get her brain to shut up and give her some peace and quiet.


(I must have been on the phone with Tracy above, I tend to doodle names or stuff I hear when I’m listening to a conversation.)  See the ‘schedule’ to the right above?  This is another of my favorite things about bullet journaling.  I am not a schedule-oriented person.  There is no possible way I can schedule in yoga every morning at 10am and have it happen on the regular.  But I can, when I have a bunch of junk to fit in, make a loose plan for one day that will help guide me through one 24 hour period.  This is great if I have specific things that need to get done that don’t normally need to get done (like an appointment) or if I’m juggling side jobs around a main gig.

I still frequently forget appointments and am perpetually late to almost everything, but this system has helped a lot.  I juggle a gigantic task list at work and this little book is invaluable for my productivity levels and remembering to make sure I tend to real life stuff:  doctor appointments, meds, making sure the kids don’t starve, etc.

Anyway, that’s it.  If you’ve bounced around a bunch of different planner systems give this one a try.  It’s cheap and easy and 100% customizable.

New Year’s Resolutions & Review

Wow, that is the driest, most boring title ever. Maybe I should have gone for one of those click-bait type headlines you see all over The Facebook. “WOW! This mom made a goal and you won’t BELIEVE what happened next!” Spoiler: She rewarded herself with pie.

I’m the type of person who likes making lists and checking things off (so satisfying) and even writing things on the list I’ve already done JUST so I can check it off, so reviewing the previous year’s goals is generally very satisfying for me. Let’s take a look at my resolutions from last year and see how I did.

Goal #1

Hasten healing. I’m stealing this phrase from Tracy; it’s great. It gives a frustrating process a proactive word. This means continuing on in trying to get good, regular sleep; regularly taking supplements / meds, working towards the POTS exercise protocol; adhering to the recommended diet; charting my vitals; working with my doctors (and, if necessary standing up for the care I need); reminding myself to be patient and kind to myself and my body; and to be accepting of of the situation.

How’d I do?

We’re off to a good start, I did really well on this one. I don’t know if I can give myself huge head-pats though, because honestly, when you have a chronic condition you don’t have much of a choice in dealing with it, you just deal, you know? It was certainly not all daisies, I get frustrated with my limitations frequently — especially after a long ‘good’ period. It’s so easy to think, “Hey, life is back to normal, everything is in remission, life is GREAT!” even though it’s all of two weeks since the last episode. Then, when the episode hits it’s all gnashing of teeth and wailing and ‘wo is me, the world is ending.’ So please, never mistakenly believe I’m handling this stuff with total grace, but one does get accustomed to it all.

parking pass

Notwithstanding my not-a-saint disclaimer, I have made lots of progress in this area. I work hard to go to bed at a decent hour and get plenty of sleep consistently (tracking my sleep hours on my Fitbit has helped a ton) — I’m a night owl no more (!). I’ve finally accepted my need to take a bowlful of pills every night regardless of how I’m feeling, I adhere to my recommended diet, work with my doctors even when I don’t want to, and am generally accepting of the situation (even allowing for the occasional meltdown).

My hives have been in remission since the summer (at least I think, I didn’t blog very much so I’m not sure), and my POTS is currently quite manageable. I have episodes once or twice a month, but it’s generally a-okay and all par-for-the-course type stuff. Excluding of course, public pass-outs in reverent places and Costco. Yes. Costco. It was embarrassing. I must have blocked it out when doing my recap. 911 was involved. Please, 2016, no public episodes, thanks.

I did develop a very annoying reoccurring runner’s knee problem that threw a wrench into my up-to-that-point very consistent exercise protocol. I’m struggling to figure out a work around. So only half points on the exercise thing, but I’m working on it.

Goal #2

I want to maximize quality time with my family. I know. It sounds so cliche, but we sacrifice a lot because of my health issues. I want to make sure that good days and good moments are spent well, and that even on bad days I make sure to connect with my loved ones.

How’d I do?

Can I get partial points for this one too? Even though it was tough, we did really well on this goal during the first part of the year while we were still homeschooling. The summer was also great, even though we had a move in there and my work schedule was tricky. However, when the kids enrolled in school in the fall, this was a much harder goal to achieve. The school experience has been a good one, but it makes quality family time pretty challenging.

family time

Before we had to deal with early alarm clocks and piles of homework, reading together at night was a huge priority for us all. But now? We just don’t have the time to read long chapters between homework, dinner, and the need for an early bedtime. We all find the schedule required for school pretty exhausting and miss this time together. Still, we try to connect and do the best with the time and opportunities we do have.

Goal #3

Regain financial footing. We are debt free now that the house has sold, and I am so grateful that E has found good, steady work (with stellar health benefits, oh my goodness!). I want 2015 to be a year of careful budgeting and saving. I don’t know if we’ll be able to purchase land or build a home this year, but I want to be working towards that by living frugally and growing our savings.

How’d I do?

Progress! I continue to love and adore YNAB (You Need A Budget) Software and highly recommend it. Not an affiliate link.

Apropos of nothing, here is my desk

Apropos of nothing, here is my desk

As far as purchasing land or building a home, that didn’t happen. In fact, we took a pretty big step back and reevaluated some of our long term goals. We took a good, hard look at what would be best for the kids, and what would be reasonably feasible with my health (maybe not a huge farm). We’ve been planning our next step a lot more carefully this time, and including the kids in the process. I’ll have more to share on this soonish.

Goal #4

I’d like to prioritize my creative interests. I worked towards that somewhat this year: I tried to make good use of bed-ridden days by taking a novel writing class and starting a portrait drawing class as well. I want to remember to give myself a break from reading medical journals (and, let’s be honest, drowning the blues by reading junky celebrity gossip) to do these things I love.

How’d I do?

Well, I can’t say I read less junky celebrity gossip, I still have a weakness for GFY, though wait! I did mindfully back off my Daily Mail habit, so there’s that.

This is a picture of my book project in Scrivener, a writing program I adore.

This is a picture of my book project in Scrivener, a writing program I adore.

And it may be 100% horrible, but I wrote that Nanowrimo novel I won’t shut up about, am currently editing/re-writing it, planned out its sequel, and took another writing class. I’d call that a win. Full points, please.

Goal #5

This goal didn’t make it onto my blog because I didn’t really consider it a goal, more like a trial run of something interesting. Last January I discovered bullet journals through Tracy, I think. I was able to order a new moleskine notebook and start on January 1st. You guys. Life changing. For real. I LOVE my bullet journal.

bullet journal

Now, if you are interested, you can fall down a rabbit hole of overwhelming bullet journal ideas on Pinterest. People get insane about their bullet journals — Tracy is insane about her bullet journal. You might be too, and that is okay. But please let it be noted, I am not insane about mine, and I think this is why it is a huge success for me — there is no internal pressure to make it look perfect.

I do not use stencils or rulers or guides to make my boxes. My system is extremely simple. I do not draw calendars or tables, I do not color code anything, I do not force myself to use a consistent pen color and type, and my pages can look like a total disaster. But it is seriously my brain on paper, and I love it. After years and years of trying all kinds of planners, I can’t believe I’ve found a system that works so well. I used it consistently for an entire year, am still using it, and will probably use it forever. It’s that amazing. I’ll post more in detail about mine and how I do it later.

Drumroll please: 2016 Goals

  • Health – This will probably be a forever goal, but more of the same as last year: Continuing good sleep habits, taking my meds and supplements, being willing to fight for the care I need, following the diet plans that seem to help me the most, working with my doctors, doing POTS exercise protocols — not letting the knee issue keep me from doing what I can. I would like to lose the 10 – 15lbs I put on during bed rest in 2014, but that’s secondary, and I’m pretty sure any weight-related New Year’s resolutions are cursed to fail anyway.
  • Meal Planning – I don’t do well with hard and fast schedules but I would like to look into something that would work for our somewhat crazy life. Freezer meals? Subscription service? Grocery delivery? Something that would help us eat less take out and not make us lose our minds in the kitchen during the ‘witching hour’ spawned from after school fatigue, homework, chores, and looming evening work hours .
  • Building – I’ve always been pretty intimidated by some of the power tools in the garage. My husband and I recently built a new bed (which we loooove) and I realized I could tackle some smaller projects on my own if I could get over my fear of the table saw and the nail gun thing that hooks up to the compressor. So, goal #3: have E. teach me proper tool use and safety and do a few projects on my own.
  • Financial Security – Continue to work towards financial security, build up savings, remain debt free, and — some redacted personal stuff that I’ll share with y’all as we get closer to some decisions.—
  • Work/Homelife/Homeschooling – If it is in the stars, so to speak, I’d love to work towards not working, or working less. We love E’s employer, but we’d like to explore possibilities for E. to work locally so we can see him more. I’d love to be able to homeschool again and even work on other projects. If these things are not in the stars, and working full time is going to be a regular fixture in my life, my goal would be to focus on a ‘bloom where you are planted’ mentality and a contentment mindset. I think last year’s goal to prioritize quality time fits in here as well. No matter what our work situation, I need to continue making those familial connections a priority — the kids are growing up SO fast.

How did your 2015 goals turn out and what do you have planned for 2016? I sincerely want to know.


Year in Review: 2015

Normally I do a year in review by picking highlights from my archives. However, 2015 was one of my lighter posting years so my rough draft looks pretty pathetic. Instead of breaking it into months, I’m just going to break it into general time periods. Good, right? Yeah, I know, you missed all this riveting stuff during my broken-feed hiatus.

First Half

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.34.10 AM

We were living in Wyoming for my husband’s work; winter was harsh, though not unlike winters in Idaho. I was still dealing with chronic hives and fainting and juggling full time work with full time homeschooling (wow, do not recommend), and looking back I’m kind of stunned we made it through in one piece.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.35.29 AM

I announced my involvement with Sun Tail Mermaid, and shared some of the process in launching their new product with Kickstarter. I wrote a little bit about working with creatives and geek productivity.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.37.32 AM

We moved again (oy) and I started some house projects at the new rental. Say what you will about the futility of my efforts, I’m happy every single day I see the new and improved door.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.31.53 AM

I didn’t write about it here, but had a mortifying experience shortly after we moved in. The rental agency sent someone over to fix a broken window and stain the back deck. One of my littles let him in, and he (the window fixing, deck staining stranger) walked in on me while I was getting dressed. I cried in the closet for like, six hours. I think I might be finally recovered. But at least the deck looked great.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.32.10 AM

And my second horrifying experience of the year. I went up to Idaho to go to Tracy’s daughter’s endowment (temple service prior to her departure for her service mission in California). Tracy and I *both* had episodes and fainted in the temple. I… I can’t even explain to you how embarrassing this was, but I will say the temple matron was lovely and I guess not everyone can say they have been dragged to the fancy bride’s room and helped out of their clothes. So, that’s something.

Second Half

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.32.02 AM

After a lot of deliberation the kids enrolled at a charter school in the fall. They have enjoyed it but we are all tired of waking up so early and are all counting the days to summer break.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.48.56 AM

The best part of my job: fabric design! I finally got to see the actual fabric before it got sewn into mermaid tails. I might have draped them around my neck and worn them as scarves for a while.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.47.07 AM

J. had a party with a bunch of friends on the aforementioned deck and it reminded me how much I enjoy throwing a good party. Especially parties where I get to hide out in the next room.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.57.59 AM

I wrote over 90K words for 2015 Nanowrimo!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.58.08 AM

Winter is so much prettier when there are mountains involved.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.58.21 AM

And finally, Christmas. Without matching Christmas Eve jammies because we all forgot to put them on.

Aaaaand… that’s all I wrote (or posted on Insta). Happy New Year! (It’s still January, so I can still say that, right?)